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Another encounter

Swing4Ireland Logo 18
4 min
Published 10 months ago
Hi all and thanks for nice comments, had a second encounter last week, hope you all like, comments welcome, So, as before we were outdoors walking but this time there was no horny plan, just a walk to get out of the house , went to a different place new to us, unfortunately we got a bit lost in a vast forest, eventually met an old guy walking a dog, he said we were way off track and it would be hard to find our way back to our car, also being late in the afternoon it was getting dark so he said "i live just over there" pointing to a little cottage across from us, " come with me and i will drive you back to your car" we were glad of that and walked there with him, he offered coffee or a glass of wine, herself never turns down an offer of wine, coffee for me lol, this gent was 75 years old but fit and very handsome , i could tell she liked him which stirred a nice feeling in me, i wondered ? After a few more drinks she was relaxed and enjoying his fireside stories, he said he liked meeting people out walking, she flashed a look at me and i knew she was thinking about our last meeting in the wood a few weeks before, i just said we like meeting while walking too, long story short i said we should go as it was dark and our car was left at a laneway , to my surprise she didn't want to go yet ( maybe it was the wine) he suggested she wait and he would take me to get the car, so we left her minding the dog and headed off, on the way he said "your wife is very pretty and sexy" i knew he fancied her which turned me on, i decided to tell him about our last encounter with the young guy, he said " lucky guy wish it was me" i said i didn't mind if he wanted to try and chat her up and "it looks like she likes you too" he was excited saying "i will try and charm her" i said i would take my time going back and pretend i got lost to give him time with her, i rang her and said i'd be a while, she just laughed and said take your time "Mike" is back and we are just chatting here, i delayed as long as possible driving around thinking about her and " Mike" eventually i found his place and as parked i noticed the lights were off with just a side light on, i sneaked up to the window for a peep in, and as i kind of expected they were both on his sofa kissing, i watched as he put her hand on his lap she massaged his cock till it was bulging in his old cords, he unzipped and let it spring out, i was surprised how hard he was for an old dude, it was short but very thick with a big foreskin, i saw her bend down and taste is it, licking inside his foreskin, i think she was surprised to see his precum as it doesn't happen with me, she sucked it deep pulling his trousers down over his knees, i saw him slide his hand down the back of her pants as she licked his big balls, she took his trousers off completely, she was hot, i couldn't believe what i was seeing as she lifted his legs high and licked his ass as she stroked his cock, ha lay flat on the sofa and put her head resting on his hairy chest as she stroked his swollen cock, he pushed her head down and opened her lips with his finger , his hips started to move as she stroked harder , he moaned out loud as he shot a huge load of cum in her open mouth and over her face, i wanked my cock off and waited a while before knocking, she was in the opposite chair when i got into the room, i said " you looked very flushed" she just laughed and said it was the wine and heat from the fire, we chatted with Mike for a while before leaving , she said she would like to come visit him and do a bit of cooking for him sometime, he was happy with that, on the way home she said how nice he was and would i be ok with her going over to do a bit of tidying for him , i said "i think he fancies you" " no way" she said " he's a lonely old guy" i smiled an just said ok, going to drop her over next tuesday afternoon,

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