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19 Mar 2018

ann summers fun


4 minute read

Hi Zara here from Armagh. Its been a while since I,ve been on here. But here,s a wee kinky story to tell that happened at the weekend, St Paddies Day, when me and two of my girlfriends went to Belfast for the day. A bit of shopping and a few drinks was on the agenda for the day. We knew, as it was St Patricks Day, and the England Ireland rugby match was on, the place would be buzzing. We had been shopping all day and popping into a few bars along the way and were feeling quite merry. We were walking past Ann Summers and couldn't resist going in ( what girl can,t). I picked out a wee French Maid outfit from upstairs and my girlfriends encouraged me to go down to the changing rooms and try it on. They were giggling and laughing as I went into the changing room. I put that down to the fact that the alcohol had them in a merry mood. Little did I know they were planning a joke at my expense. They had planned getting me into the changing room and then trying to get the first unattached man to go over and look through the peephole that's in the changing room door. Now, everyone that knows me, knows that I'm a kinky slut and love anything to do with sex and this is the kind of thing that I would play along with. The place was reasonably busy, as was the whole city. I put on the outfit, which was very sexy and revealing, and looked in the mirror. In the mirror I saw a little eye at the peephole. I looked down at the gap at the bottom of the door and saw a mans shoes. I realised what my girlfriends had been giggling about, Id been set up. So I thought to myself, time to give this guy a show and see if I could send him out around Belfast with a hard on for the rest of the day. I bent over with my ass facing the peeping Tom and let the outfit ride up my body until he could see my ass and my little white tong running up my butt crack. I slipped my finger in between my legs and run my finger up and down the guset of my knickers, looking at the reflection of my watcher in the mirror, I could tell he was enjoying the show. I pulled my tong out of my butt cheeks and to the side, giving him a view of my pussy and ass from behind, and then slipped my finger into my pussy, which was by now quite wet. I gently slipped my finger in and out of my cunt staring at the watcher at the peephole. I was feeling unbelievably horny by now. I turned around, sat down on the changing room stool and looked at the man watching me. I lifted up the skirt of the outfit and showed him my white tong, which was lace at the front and you could see my pussy hair through it. I slipped my hand down the front of my pants and continued to play with my pussy. The mans eye was right up against the spy hole by now, he was loving the wee show I was putting on for him. I couldn't resist, I was coming to the point of orgasm, I pulled my knickers right down to my ankles spread my legs for my viewer and started to finger fuck my pussy. I stared at him and slipped two fingers from my other hand into my mouth and started to pretend it was a cock and I was sucking on it. By now my fingers were sliding into my pussy faster and faster, the wetter it got, the faster I fingered myself. Once l slipped a 3rd finger into my pussy, it was only a matter of seconds before l came. I stood up, pulled my knickers up, and winked at my viewer, who then walked away. I came out of the changing room looking very flushed. The whole episode had lasted about 7 or 8 minutes, but was fun. I bought the outfit, well there was now a special memory attached to it. My girlfriends told me they had pretended to bump into him and nudged him into the changing room area, they whispered to him they there was a hot girl in there waiting to put on a show for him, which he seemed to enjoy thoroughly. They said he was about 30 and very hot, and his hand had slipped down to his bulge on a number of occasions and he had rubbed it through his trousers. They said that his cock seemed to be a good size. I said that if there hadn't have been anyone in the shop, I would have dragged him into the changing room and fucked his brains out. I felt like doing it even though there was people there, that's how horny the whole episode had made me. Now it was time to hit the bars, and I desperately needed a fuck before the night was over. Now that's a story for another day, because, not only did I need cock, but my 2 girlfriends were now horny as hell too and gagging for dick.

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