Written by morethan1

1 Jan 2013

This was the first time another person had joined us for sex, and what a night it turned out to be.

My wife Beth 45 and I 46 had arranged too meet Tom in a well known hotel down by the north coast. After we had booked in Beth stripped and got into bed and lay there with a nerves grin on her face. Just then the door was knocked and I let Tom in. He told us he was 58 but looked nowhere near it, more 45. After that Tom and I stripped, I think we had roughly the same size of cock. I decided to let him fuck Beth first and just watch the fun. But Beth had other idea,s. Come and help me suck Tom,s cock said Beth..Never before had I ever heard my wife of twenty years say those words to me, but fuck, it was so fucking horny. As I bent down and put my mouth over his knob I licked some pre-cum that had just oozed from his cock...excellent...first cock I had ever sucked. I was then amazed to watch the skill of my wife working on his cock while I licked his balls, At one stage she had me licking and poking his ass with my tongue, I swear my tongue must have been an inch up his hole and all along I was loving it and so was he. She then had Tom lie down and slide her pussy down over this knob ,the pussy juice was all over his balls, so what else could I do but dive in. Beth then got me to get behind her and slide my cock in beside toms...fucking amazing feeling as the too of us came in her pussy. We then took turns licking her clean...Hope you all like this as it really did happen and it also open our eyes, We have had a few other threesome from then, must write and tell you all