19 Nov 2015

I will tell an event that happened to me and my girlfriend am a thin person with my 80 kg and 1.80 in height and my girlfriend and lean has 170 tall and skinny 52kg but has a perfect ass that makes me crazy every time I see your belly and breasts plateau is about average for a little girl's face I'm her first boyfriend at all her 10 years ago that we together have a tune and so, I have many exciting stories and when I have fantasies are with her

I will tell one of the stories that happened to us.

I've always been crazy about anal sex always tried, it was always frustrating to me why sex has to be good for both. For when beginning to penetrate beginning to ache and had to stop, I knew she had pleasure in the ass because when sticks his finger when he was masturbating her clit she shuddered all.

She was traumatized in relation to anal sex, but that's when everything changed one day were watching some videos on the internet she never liked porn videos but curiosity was seeing a porn site and she looked one hentai and asked to see it told me , -Let this little movie went a little story to min nothing very interesting but I realized that she was enjoying

So I took the opportunity to move your hand his leg and was stroking and she was enjoying it started up and went straight to her panties as we were in bed in a day cold it was underwear only and I in his underwear as normal and in our apartment stay underwear or nothing

 And when I get her panties began to pass his hand over her panties and she began to open a little more legs I saw that she was enjoying this my hour was pounding she was in a position leaning against the pillows watching your hentai

I was kissing her breasts gave a soft bites me your nipples she gritted her teeth and as he kissed her breasts one hand was masturbating her pussy started down kissing and arrived in pussy gave a soft bites over her panties pulled away slightly and caught with both hands and was pulling her panties slowly and watched that whole body to me for a few moments after she's nothing open her legs and so I had access to that pussy.

I ran my hand and saw that she was soaking wet not take long began to suck traveling throughout your entire watering pussy with saliva and began setting more on her clit and a hand stick a finger in her pussy and she twisted everything is penetrated with my finger soon after pulled out and pushed his feathers against his belly making her ass become more visible and continue holding his legs and began to run his tongue between her pussy and her ass and finally started to suck that ass and she began to gnash their teeth was leaving quite saliva

Let his legs began to masturbate with two well above the clitoris fingers vertical movement she was with her legs spread wide and with the other hand index finger I stuck in her pussy which was soaked and well lubed finger and began to stroke that ass and I was going without forcing and she continued watching her hentai all excited and started to increase the speed I masturbated and force the finger into her ass and she started to relax and my finger was entering I increasing the speed he was masturbating with another Mao and my finger got everything and she squirmed all and continue but did not move a finger she was crazy turning her head biting the pillow and she reached orgasm while she was enjoying her ass squeezed my finger and I was crazy.

Not satisfied yet because I was more mad with desire to eat that little tail

I said I will eat this little tail and then she comes today because I want to feel his cock in my ass

She got on all fours on the bed and I stood caught Vaseline and began to pass on your ass in a finger stuck and lubed well and with one hand held my cock that was super hard and I started spending the little door that tail only by and with the other hand I returned to masturbate her pussy same movement hoping she relax again and started again increase the speed masturbating and another hand holding my dick in your ass and I was forced to slowly not to hurt and it was relaxing and opening your tail at me and was going up not having anything else to come in and I stood with my ass to stick that I was delirious with both horny. my arm was aching to masturbate more to continue masturbating in Maximo I could and she was squirming all and began rolling slowly on my cock she was breathing hard she started telling me eat my ass I started to slowly move my dick when she began to enjoy wriggled his whole body and she started saying fuck me with strength and I started pumping in the mood stopped masturbating her, because I could not and I was strong but I was so horny that soon I came I on your ass .