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James s
14 Oct 2016

An unexpected weekend away..


2 minute read

So I'm not a person to write about sexual things that Iv experienced... basically because things usually don't! But last weekend came as a lovely surprise.. My girlfriend and I went away to Kilkenny for the weekend with my best friend and his girl. To make the room cheaper we booked a family room. On landing down we began drinking while the girls got ready! Both girls are 5'6 with mine being a blonde with small boobs and a peachy ass but boring enough in bed! My mates girl is black haired and a bit chunky with big boobs and ass. We went out and had a great night! After the club we all got food and went back to the hostel! We were all fairly drunk and my mate passed out on his bed and mi girlfriend passed out on the same bed! Me and the other girl were left to chat to ourselves and around four we decided we should just share the bed! We got in and switched off the light. After a while I got warm and took off my tshirt turned around! All of a sudden this girl put her arm around my waist and felt the bulge in my jocks. I got a fright but left her at it. I turned towards her to realise she was naked. I felt her lovely tits and put them in my mouth. I began to finger her and she moaned quietly in my ear and asked me to fuck her. I turned her on her side and slid my cock inside her wet pussy. I pumped hard and she let out the hottest groan Iv ever heard. I came inside her and she just smiled, put back on her clothes and said she always wondered if it would have been any good!! I was glad she found out!

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