Written by giveittous

8 Apr 2009

This all happened before I met my present other half. It was about 4 years ago and I met stunning girl from north London called Melanie. She had long dark hair, tanned skin from her mother's side, firm 36Ds and legs that you just wanted wrapped around your waist as you fucked her with a small waist and she was toned in all the right places. This woman was a dream come true for an inexperienced 20 year old as she was 26 and had a hell of a lot more experience in all sexual then I did then. To put it in plain English this woman was a pure kinky slut who always got what she wanted and what she normally wanted was hard risky sex.

Now we had met in a nightclub one night and I gave her my number and thought nothing more of it. I had wanted her to contact me but didn't think I had much chance with this stunning girl. I knew nothing of her before this night and just remembered the next morning I had given a stunning girl with the horniest accent I had ever heard my number. I went about my day as usual and had a late shift at work. My phone beeped and I looked at it and saw a number not in phone book. I opened the text and it read `so are you a horny boy? Mel xxxx'

I thought to myself who the fuck is Mel (I never got her name the previous night) and answered back `I'm always horny but who is this?' to which I got the reply `I'm the London girl you gave your number to last night'

Anyways we kept texting for a few hours and of course the main topic of the conversation was sex and what we both liked. She found my inexperience to be cute and I found her frankness to be both refreshing and very fucking horny. Out of the blue she had sent a picture of her naked body to me. I stared at the picture. Her figure was a perfect hour glass and I could see her bald pussy. Now as a young guy I had seen pussies before but never had I seen a completely bald pussy. My cock got instantly hard and I of replied with a picture of my own.

My phone and it was Mel. The sound of her voice just made me harder again and she announced that she was playing with her wet pussy after seeing that picture. My jaw dropped! I was sitting in my living room and I knew I had to stick my stiff cock into that wet pussy she was playing with.

`I know something that is much better then your fingers if you're up for it?' I asked chancing my arm.

I nearly choked at her reply to this.

`I want you to meet me in a car park bend me over the bonnet of your car and pound my pussy till I cum hard on your hard prick'.

I hurried to my car and drove to where she told me to be. It was a deserted car park with trees around it so it was fairly secluded and private. As I pulled in I saw a woman sitting on the bonnet of a car. She was wearing a mini skirt which might as well been a belt and very tight t-shirt covered by a short jacket. I knew this was Mel but still to be careful stuck my head out the window and asked `Mel?'

`Come fuck me' was the answer I got back. I jumped of my car and quickly went up to Mel and kissed her passionately and I striped her jacket and top off her. I kissed and licked her nipples as her hands worked her way down into my pants and she gripped my stiff prick. She started to wank it hard and fast as my own hands in her skirt. Imagine the joy I found when I discovered she was not wearing any underwear and how fucking wet it. It felt so good as my fingers slid in and out of it so easily the wetness felt so good.

She unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down like a woman possessed. I wasn't wearing boxers and when she saw this she exclaimed `you are a dirty little bastard aren't you'

She greedily placed her mouth around it and sucked my cock hard and fast. It felt so good and I have to say was one of the best blowjobs I have ever had. Without any warning whatsoever she deep throated the whole thing in one go. She looked up at me with this really fucking horny look in her eyes and could see I was stunned at this turn of events.

She did this for a bit longer and fuck me I was so close to blowing my load there and then that it took a hell of a lot of self control not to spunk down her neck.

She stopped and looked up at me to say `fuck my face!' I didn't need to be told twice and grabbed a hold of her hair and started to fuck her dirty little mouth. The sounds of her gagging and choking on my cock just made me harder and made me fuck her face even faster. All the while she fondled my balls and when the chance presented it licked my balls.

I had enough of her mouth and knew I needed to feel her wet pussy on my cock. I pulled her up and bent her over the bonnet of the car and hitched her mini skirt up. The dirty slut was wearing stocking and suspenders but no knickers. I could see her pussy was glistening with wetness more then I had previously remembered. My fingers again slid into her cunt and worked my way into it getting it ready for a good hard fucking.

She looked over her shoulder and ordered me `fuck me like the dirty fucking whore I am you little bastard'

I rammed my cock into her and started to pound that tight wet snatch. The warmness of it was stunning and the way it fitted so tightly around my cock. I couldn't believe I was fucking this hot chick over the bonnet of a car in the middle of the night.

She bounced back against my moved my hands to her firm tits and I gripped onto them as I kept fucking faster. Mel looked at me over her shoulder and smiled a nasty smile at me. She was loving every second of this hard fucking.

`Make me cum on that prick you fucker. I want it hard and I want it now' she ordered me. At this point I was almost spent and a few more hard fast stroke she shuddered to an orgasm. Her pussy lips clenched around my cock as she screamed cumming.

I took my cock out and immediately she was on her knees sucking it again while she played with her sopping wet cunt. Her mouth made my prick disappear as she sucked me off. I couldn't hold my load anymore and finally dropped my spunk down her throat as deep throated me.

That was the first of many nasty and kinky sessions Mel and I shared. She was the dirtiest and nastiest fuck buddy I've ever had. A couple of weeks ago I texted her again to ask if she fancied a fuck with me and tite cunt.

She replied `you know me I love cock and I love pussy. Guess I'm a greedy bitch xxx'