Written by Want to try this again

26 May 2014

The other night my wife and I were coming home from a night out. We'd both been drinking so we were getting a taxi home. We'd both been horny all night so we knew as soon as we were alone we wouldn't be able to hold back. We got into the taxi, instantly we started kissing...deep sexy kisses. I couldn't resist....despite being in the back of a taxi I started to touch her breast, she instantly responded....deeper kissing....she put her hand on the inside of my thigh. We were kissing more frantically now...her hand started to move closer to my cock which was at this stage firm and bursting out of my trousers! I dropped my hand on her leg....and her legs moved apart. I knew the driver was watching in the mirror so I kept going. I slid my hand up her skirt...she showed no resistance and pulled her legs apart for me. I felt the hot wet pussy through her knickers...I could feel the shapes of her lips through her thin underwear. At this stage had the driver looked around, he would have seen her with her legs apart and me touching her pussy. She reached down and pulled her knickers to one side exposing her bald pussy. I instantly opened her lips and could feel her juices seeping out. I knew she wanted me to slide my fingers in. I looked to see if the driver was watching, I noticed that he'd adjusted the mirror so he could see my wifes crotch, he must have been enjoying the view so I decided to finger fuck her. She moaned and groaned....she knew the driver was watching...she wanted him to see her pussy being fingered and I knew she was dying for him to turn around and look properly. I fingered her harder....NOW he glanced around to get a full view of my wifes pussy. We both loved that he was watching now so we continued. She put her fingers on her clitoris and started to masturbate as I continued to finger fuck her. It didn't take long before she came in my hand...I felt her warm pussy tighten its grip on my fingers as she orgasmed. When we were finished, she let me taste her fingers...I needed to cum myself but sadly we were just home so I'd have to cum without the taxi driver watching....maybe next time!