27 Dec 2016

At the start of your sexual journey it's all about firsts.

First kiss, first grope of a boob, first hand job and the first time you shoot your load in a pussy.

I'd managed to do it all by the time I was 22, it was fun but the earth hadn't moved nor had there been the anticipated fireworks. It was fun though and every weekend brought the chance of a new conquest.

We'd been invited to a 21st in a pub in Kilkenny, we decided to get ahead start and sank a few beers early. When we got to the 21st we eagerly scanned the crowd and it looked like it was going to be a good night. My eye was caught by a very attractive older lady talking with friends, she held my gaze for a short while and then resumed with her friends. I have to say I was smitten but never really expected anything would happen presuming there was a husband present.

Our eyes met a number of times during the night and she always held my gaze.

I'd decided to call it a night and headed for home, as I walked down the street from the pub I heard the clip of high heels walking behind me. I turned to look and it was my older lady with a huge smile on her face, she linked my arm and asked if I was in a hurry home.

We walked and flirted and stopped a number of times to kiss, my wandering hands were stopped before I got too far and my young cock was so hard it hurt. We got to her place and went straight upstairs, I was a bomb of hormones about to go off. My legs were like jelly, my heart was about to come out through my chest and all the time my cock was straining to get out. We got to the bedroom and kissed hard, it was a full on mind blowing kiss, my hands cupped her ass and pulled her hard against me. I could feel my hard cock pulsing against her body as she ground her pussy against me.

As the clothes came off I was mesmerised by the body in front of me. She had pert nipples that sat on a great pair of boobs, a wonderful blonde fuzz surrounded an inviting pussy and she was still wearing the high heels. It was all my dreams rolled into one and I didn't know where to begin. Thankfully Cathy knew what she wanted, she kissed me gently and fondled my balls. Gently she dragged a fingernail up the side of my cock, it was electric, I took a nipple in my mouth and gently sucked and flicked it with my tongue. She was actively stroking my cock, I was in heaven as I dropped my hand and gently inserted a finger into her wet pussy. Her throaty moans were driving me crazy, I was shaking with excitement, I would probably have fallen to the floor if Cathy hadn't taken me to the bed. She pushed me on my back and her soft lips kissed the pre-cum off my cock. It was heaven as she stroked and sucked my cock, I layback and tried to calm myself but she was driving me crazy and I was close to blowing my load. As if she could sense my thoughts she asked me to eat her pussy, this was a first for me. She lay back on the bed with her legs open and her pussy waiting for my tongue, as my tongue separated those swollen lips and and tasted pussy for the first time she started guiding my head with her hands. After a while the hands disappeared from my head and I glanced up to see her fondling her tits and pulling on her lovely nipples.

Her pussy was literally overflowing, she was grinding her pussy into my face and I worked my tongue hard to drive her wild.

I had managed to calm my raging hormones and was enjoying the greatest night I had ever had. We played with each other for a while and everything was gearing up for an unbelievable fuck and yet I had a brief moment of panic as she pushed me on my back and rolled the condom down my hard cock.

She slowly lowered her wet pussy down my cock, I loved the way her heat engulfed me as she ground her hips into my crotch. She slowly lifted and lowered herself and played with her nipples, could this get any better?

We were both getting close and I wanted the freedom to pound her pussy as I finished, I moved her onto her back and started to build up to what was going to be a great finish to a wonderful night.

My cock was on auto at this point, there was no stopping now. I emptied my load with a groan and felt the shudder of Cathys orgasm seconds later.

As the front door closed behind me a short time later and I swaggered down the road thinking I was the worlds greatest lover, I prayed the rest of my sexual life would be as good as that night had been.