Written by Anonymous

25 Jun 2009

Before I moved back from London this year I played rugby with Richmond Rugby Club and I also coached the U18 & U20 club teams we decided to round the season of with a tour to play a weekend compitition in Liverpool two matches and a long weekend on the piss how bad.

After the first match, the drinking games started. The plan was to get me pissed so the boys could skive of so i wouldnt be on tiop of them about going easy for the 2nd game as we had won the first one , but as a seasoned campaigner, I was far from falling over when the a couple of the boys threw up and we had to take them out. So we headed Straight to town and clubbing I was in great form but I was like a spare prick at a wedding. The boys were into their dancing. Someone had forgotten to tell most of the girls that fat 16 year old girls dont look good in crop tops but the young guys were loving it. I had a token beer and made my excuses.(much to their delight)

Walking back to the hotel I spotted a nice quite bar on the docks. I didnt fancy a night in the hotel room with the sports channel so wandered in.

There was surplus of women in the house. Not all in the first flush of youth, but well turned out their was . I had only just bought my first drink when Jayne, lurched up to me. We need a man was her opening line I looked around and her five mates were rolling about with laughter. I smelt a set up.

They were there to celbrate the latest divorce. I went over with Jayne and as she was doing the hello thing, Mad Maz as she was introduced, reached over and cupped my crutch. I froze. Well not all of me froze. I started to rise to the ocasion much to Mazs delight. Girls we have a winner she crowed.

Two of the others grabbed the divorcee, Kay and knelt her in front of me. Her face was pushed into my crutch. I went to back away but Maz pushed me into her. Kay rubbed her face onto my now hardening cock. She looked up at the others and nodded.

They were all on their feet. Maz took my arm and I walked out of the bar with them. Maz said where is your hotel(she had presumed I was not local from my accent) I said just across their, excellent she replied andTwo minutes later, we walked into my hotel( I was abit worried some of the guys might be back). I had still not hardly said a word. Up to my large double room which had 2 bed luckily I was not sharing. Maz straightaway pulled me into the bathroom. Kissed me full on the lips and started to undo my shirt. I was still mindfucked.

Off with your trousers. Down to my pants and with a raging hard on I made for Maz. Not me first she said. This is Kays night.

Maz turned me round and pushed me into the bed room. there buck naked on the bed with her hands tied to the headboard was Kay. Jayne and another were topless. It was like a scene from a film.

Go give Kay her divorce present Maz ordered. I walked to the bed where Kay lay. She was laid their legs together and Two of the girls pulled her ankles apart to reveal a sopping wet pussy. I knelt on the edge of the bed, then lowered my face into it.My boxers were pulled off revealing my thankfully hard cock.

A hand reached down and took hold. this is what she wants. In her mouth. Kay looked petrified. I was led by the cock to her face, where Maz pushed her towards me. She was in charge. She is a virgin cock sucker. no wonder her man left. Now fuck her face.

Kay opened her mouth and I duly gave her my cock. It was the worst blow job ever until someone lit the touch paper. Jayne had taken my place between her legs and with the first hit on her clit, Kay went wild. She fucked me with her mouth. Maz was still holding her head with one hand pullin her clothes off with the other.

Come in her mouth was the order. I looked across to see the three others stroking and licking each other while watching us at the same time. that did it for me. I felt the spunk rising and went to pull out and shoot over Kay. In her mouth Maz screamed. I obeyed and shot a good load into Kays mouth. She started to gag. Maz pushed me out of the way and stuck her mouth on Kays. Full toungue in clearly wanting second hand spunk.

Kay started to come like a train. I stood against the wall dizy with orgasm and bewilderment. 30 minutes ago I was in a bar. Now I was surrounded by five sex crazed liverpool women and one tied up and being given a lesbian double act.

My instinct was get these crazy women out of here to be honest i couldnt believe what was going on. But I was betrayed by that purple headed monster. He was not in awe and started to rise almost straight away. Jayne looked up an smiled. She ran her finger round that sopping hole and licked it provocatively. That worked. Smiling, she motioned me to come round behind her. I was in first time.She knelt on the edge of the bed pushing back onto my cock. The other three were gathered round. Maz pushed her way in and slapped Jayne hard across the arse. I stopped for second. Maz pulled me out of the way, grabbed one of the girls by the hair and pulled her face down to my cock. She took it.

I was about to break off this was getting too much , but this was a good blow job.

Maz then produced a large dildo from her handback on the side locker, my first though "what the hell is she going to do with that" luckily Jaynes arse was still in the air. The dildo was offered to her wet hole and she took it. There I was. One tied up one being fucked by some mad dominatrix, me being sucked and stroked by three women. Suddenly a finger went up my arse and that was it. I shuddered to another orgasm.

I have read about guys who can go the six times a night on here, but that was me for the moment. Maz was banging Jayne hard. She was crying for her to stop it was getting out of hand and I said slow to Maz but she was having none of it.... then the other girls knew it was getting a little much so they said to Maz to see her fuck me hard.. Maz ordered me to lie on the bed which i doid and told one of the girls to get me ready and she went down on me giving one hell of a blow job... Maz then staddled me and was siding me hard calling me all sort of name (cant be repeated) and within minutes was cuming hard I love a woman on top I can last for ages.. Maz was replaces by Jayne and kay staddled my face I was totally in their control and loved it... Jayne left out a scream and got of me to be replaced by whom I dont know as i licked away at Kay who was really enjoying it..... I couldn't last much longer and I shot my load it last for what seemed like ages it was something else.....The women got dressed and I asked them would they like a drinkk in the bar but they declined but Maz told Kay to stay to help me recover it was the least she could do....... here i was 5 women getiing dressed in my room with me naked and fucked on the bed........ The women left bar kay and I asked did she want to have a shower and go to the bar.. she suggested the shower but said she would prefer to order some drink to the room and maybe some food which was quickly done...We had sex again one more but in the morning Kay was so horny talking abut what had happened and she never done anything like this before and would not have only she was so drunk but said she loved it and kissed me, this got me going again and we soent the next few hours in bed trying everything !!!!

I was late for breakfast with the lads and all I got was this town is a shit hole. Nothing happens here they are all frigid. I am just waiting for my cock to relax. I was a night to remember.....