Written by Anonymous

2 Aug 2009

Today had been planned i was home alone so my sexy lover was coming over, then a text "iv'e got my monthly's" never mind i text "come over for breakfast".So i rush about making the bed up with satin covers and pillow slips and leave some choice toys and bindings on the locker wicked thoughts making me smile and get horny. Next on with the pan full irish on the menu and with perfect timing she arrives as its nearly done we hug and kiss our tongues entwined our bodies writhing together, we finally pulled away before the breccy burnt. After eating i invited her upstairs to see the room she was was distraught when she saw the satin covers' then she spied a hardcore mag beside the bed she sighed as she flicked through the pics looking at a woman getting DP and then two women licking a mans cock then 69ing eachother. "i'm gonna suck you'r brains out mister" she said,reaching up and kissing me she stripped me naked then took off her top and lacy bra revealing her gorgeous little titties with their super sensitive nipples so sensitive i can make her cum by sucking them. She pushes me back on the bed kissing me then trailing her titties down my chest over my belly then teases the head of my swollen cock with them my leaking pre cum glistening on her nipples. "Would you like to tie me up" i ask her, she stops not quite sure i,m serious at letting her be dom but she agrees and proceeds to cuff my wrists to the head of the brass bed then my ankles with rope to the bottom rails. She stands at the end of the bed surveying her handy work then with my phone takes pics of my bound body my hard 8 inches swollen and shiny with pre cum. Kneeling between my spread legs she started to caress my balls squeezing them gently then tracing teasing fingers up my hard length making me moan and arch my back straining on my bonds the feeling of helplesness adding to my lust as she licks up my length swirling her tongue around my cock head,opening her mouth she lowers her mouth slowly down my length one hand wanking the remainder of it she starts sucking in ernest making my hips buck as she face fucks me i moan and scream as i feel the cum rising in my throbbing cock. Suddenly she stops just before i reach the point of no return and reaches for a tube of lube squeezing some on two fingers holding my balls up with the other hand she starts to massage my starfish greasing it,i inhale sharply as i feel the mild discomfort of her probbing finger entering my bum pushing deeper into me making me gasp with pleasure my cock seemingly getting harder and harder then a second finger forcing into me making me groan as she spreads my tight sphincter. Only then i realise she has the 4 inch vibrating butt plug she pulls her fingers out of me and i feel the head of the plug replacing them in my lubed bum slowly she forced it up into me i tried to relax to let it enter me then the relief as my spread starfish can close around the narrow part. Then with a giggle she turned it on to full vibe making me scream and moan as she furiously wanked my cock my whole body went rigid as i felt the cum boiling up my cock she urged me on telling me to spurt for her as she kept fisting me.With an animal roar i orgasm she squealed as the cum spurted out of my cock landing on my belly quickly she put her mouth over my erupting cock swallowing the last two huge spurts.I relaxed my bound body and she looked up smiling at me as she thankfully switched off the vibe then set to licking up all my cum off my belly and thighs then gently removed the plug from my tortured behind. After she untied me we lay for ages holding eachother today we had time to do this usually our stolen moments are fast and furious before we return to our respective mundane marriages but not today 4 hours with my gorgeous sex kitten,you know who you are babes old blue eyes loves you mwah mwah xxxxxxxx