8 Jan 2017

After waiting in the long grass for years and found that fun and excitement that I never had like what has happened over the last number of months, with a younger woman it now seem that all my birthday has come together. At the local shop I was talking to the shop assistant and as there was no one around at that particular time. We were chatting in general and about the Christmas and new year celebrations that had taken place, I got the idea that ( Mary ) not her real name enjoyed.

On Friday last at a local bar Mary and her husband were there when I went in and after a while we chatted all three of us and when it came to closing time as you know we had to go home in the same taxi so when we stopped at their place first they both invited me in for another drink.

After going in to the house I ask Mary could I use the bathroom and she said by all means J , showed me down the hall and as I was going in she tapped me on the top of my shoulder with her hand go on you man.

When I went up the hall to the kitchen Mary ran down the hallway like in a rush for the bathroom, hubby offer me a bottle or do u want something stronger , I said no stay with a bottle and he handed me a bottle and glass I had a view of the hallway and Mary went to another room and came out after a few minutes in a dressing gown, I could not help noting that Mary as not looking like the woman we see at the shop or out and about, showing some upper leg as she sat down on the couch. I was sitting on a chair and the usual chat carried on, when hubby said I am hitting for the pillow I said ok I will get a taxi from here home he said no rush yet chat away sure there is a spare room there. Any way he did not wait too long around said good night went to his room. Mary got up and got another drink for both of us and as she was handing the bottle to me she said sit down here on the couch, I did do as she asked and while she was tiding herself up her dressing gown was opening more and she was trying to hide it by the way. I said to her why did he go to bed so quickly ah never mind she said he will be alright and I said we will manage too we moved close in toward me and I touch her face and just moved her face to mine and kiss her and she did respond by giving me as much tongue as she could possibly put in my mouth. I put a hand on her back of her head and held her firm against me ,She said come on I said where she took me by the hand and led me to a room and closed the door behind us and dropped her dressing gown on the floor revealing her birthday suit. I did go for the juggler and went kissing her all over from lips to ears and tits , she was groaning and when I prised my middle finger inside her fanny she was well moist . She asked me if I was ok with it I said Mary both of us are here so let us enjoy it and she said give it the me J,

So I had her sprawled out on the bed to find out that it was her bed and hubby was in the spare room and as I was getting anxious about that situation she whispered in my ear go on J fuck me nicely and Hubby is looking in the door and he will join in if I want . I have no problem I told her if he have not a problem so she gave him the nod and the first thing he done was grab both my balls in his hand and pull them hard as Mary told fuck me hard J .

I did fuck her and when he let them go loose there was one major gasp of excitement , hubby started kissing Mary lips and asked her are you ok baby ,we exchanged the rolls both of us on a few occasions , it was not their first time hosting people in their home .

So it is amazing after all the years I now have two to content with in rural country side