Written by photocasebook

3 Feb 2009


She was moving back to Spain to go back to college and this meant we were going to finish our relationship I was to drop her at the bus terminal and just go. Easier like that she said.

But she had to do some stuff around town and ended up running so late that she had to go to the bus while I went and brought her bags from the house. It was a Friday and of course traffic was heavy and the bus took off before I could get there with the bags.

She couldn�t miss her flight, so I cancelled work to drive her to the airport.

We got onto the motorway which meant less gear changes leaving my left hand free. I opened the zipper on her jeans and stroked at her wet pussy through her thong. After a short while I told her to undo the button and pull her pants down to her knees. After she done that she put my hand over her shaven pussy while she start to play with her nipples under her top. Cars that were passing hadn�t a clue what was going on but a couple of van drivers got an eye full as they passed. This began to turn her on more. She pushed the chair back slightly and I continued to finger her clit one finger first then two, her juices running out of her pussy into my hand. I was just getting a cramp in a finger when she let go of her self squirting as an orgasm flushed through her body, her scream of ecstasy forced its way past her lips as she gasped to breathe in.

Starting to give my hand a rest I had to pull onto the hard shoulder. She quickly coupled our lips in passionate lock, breaking the bond only for a moment to tell me to use my good hand on her now as she wanted to feel the rush of her orgasm again (her seconds are usually much stronger for her). Naturally right handed and having stopped driving I could concentrate wholly on her body, her pleasure, our orgasm. I found my self getting more in tune with her body as cars and trucks whizzed by shaking the car from sided to side, lowering my mouth to her clit, her excitement level rising as my tongue swept over her swollen clit, my fingers stroking her spot, gliding in and out. Feeling her body becoming more responsive to every touch, I slipped out my fingers from her pussy letting them follow her juices along to her ass. This was just what she wanted as she pulled my head up so we could embrace our lips again this time tasting her own beauty. She dropped her own hand to her clit now and whispered in my ear �fuck my ass with your fingers I am going to squirt again�. With pleasure i did not hesitate and had started into a nice pulsating rhythm in her ass when her muscles tightened, her own hand now barely touching her pussy as shock and shudder ripped through her. Opened mouthed, for a moment motionless............waiting for the air to come crashing back into her body so that she could release the sound of her ecstasy. Gripping me close to her body we stayed bound together, to give her body enough time to come back from the journey it had just taken.

That was one of the happy/sad, most exciting trips to Dublin i have ever been on. I will miss what we got up to, together but am very happy that we had the chance to do it all.

My treat for putting her pleasure b4 my own is for another page, for when I am willing to let ye know.