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RSR 4 years ago


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My 26 year old girlfriend and I were travelling over the last 2 weeks. We were in the usual hotspots Italy, and France.Driving around seeing the usual sites. We had loads of fun and crazy times but one stay at a flat was worth writing about. We booked our stays well ahead, a mix of hotels, villas and a few apartments. One place in Italy was very central so even though it was a sofa bed we took it for 3 nights. The host was a 20 something Italian guy who Laura thought was cute even when booking it. So we got there midweek and the guy Mat met us around lunch time and we took our keys. We did a bit of sight seeing and got home and Mat said he'd show us a few good pubs and clubs, we met a few of his friends and had a great time. Laura is a stunner, brunette, tall, nice C cups, long legs and loved getting the attention of the men. So after a great night we called it and went back to the apartment, it was only around midnight so we were having some wine when Mat came back too, so he poured himself a drink and we were hanging out. As it was a sofa bed it was like the three of us were in one bed already. So long story short after 2 bottles of wine Laura was sucking Matts cock while I was taking pictures. She had a great time with Mat and I taking turns fucking her all night. It was a fun two days of knowing that she was going to get fucked by two guys every single night.

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