Written by kirishlad

14 Dec 2011

My first time writing a story on here but I have played it over and over so much in my mind so many times since it has happened I felt I simply had to share it with my horny friends on here. As I'm very discreet I'm changing the names and locations but the lady in question will recognise herself I'm sure!

So Susan and I had been chatting on here for months with as much naughty texting going on as chatting on-site. I had known I wanted to meet Susan since the first time id chatted to her but what with life getting in the way we never seemed to be able to find a time to suit us both. then out of the blue I got a call from a company in her town asking me to call the next day, for the hell of it I text Susan and ask if she can meet for lunch, to my delight she agrees! result!

I spent the morning working in the offices of the company I was visiting and the odd text going back and forth to Susan, then I get a text saying her day was gone to hell and she was going to be running late, damm, I ended up eating lunch on my own waiting for her, while I was drinking my coffee in she walked, oh boy did I have a nice surprise, tall, blond, sexy, beautiful and confident. The most striking thing about her however is her beautiul cheeky smile and the smouldering look in her eyes, I just wanted to reach across the table and plant a kiss on her soft moist lips. we went through the formalities and I ordered her a coffee, it was pretty clear however that neither of us were interested in wasting time drinking coffee, a quick look a nod and we are on the way to my car!

As soon as I got Susan into the car I couldn't help reaching across and kissing her beautiful lips, they were as soft and as moist as they looked and she was a wonderful kisser, I was instantly hard even parked on a busy street. Given that this was supposed be be just a coffee get to know you meet I hadn't booked a room and as neither of us had much time anyway we decided to go for a drive and try to fined a quite spot for a little back seat fun. we found a good place (or so I thought)We started off kissing in the front seats and we were both getting hotter and hotter to the point where I had the seats reclined and her tits out and my fingers buried deep in her wet waxed pussy while thumbing her clit, this very quickly brought her to orgasm drenching my hand with her juices as she came as I sucked on her hard erect nipples.

After a couple of minutes she pushed me back into my seat and undid my trousers and gave an appreciative mmmmmmmmm as she stroked my hard cock and licking the pre cum off its bulbous end! just as she took me full in her mouth I thought I was going to cum is seconds, this girl has a wonderful talent, in order not to finish off too quick I suggested we hop in the back, we were just about to when a tractor reversed down the track to the river we were parked beside, Susan being a farm girl said shit he is coming to get water. As quick as I could I got the car started and got out of there trousers open and seat still reclined.

That wasn't the biggest surprise of the afternoon, neither of us were ready to give up just yet and as we were driving around looking for another spot she had my cock out and I was stroking her pussy which was literately soaking wet, (thank god for automatic cars leave a free hand lol)

So we ended up parking up at the entrance to a Coillte Forest which had a barrier across the track, we were getting back into the swing of the things, when Susan suddenly stopped, I though of fook who is coming now but there was nobody about, wicked naughty grin back on her face she asked me "want to go for a walk in the forest?"

2 minutes later we were deep in the forest tearing each others clothes off, after putting a condom on I turned her around bent her over and slipped my cock into her wet wet pussy, holding her by the hips I started pumping into her building up a nice rhythm, looking down at her glorious ass and my cock sliding in and out of her pussy glistening with her juices was a really horny sight to see and had the effect of making my cock swell even more and I could feel my cum building up and I knew I wasn't going to last much longer, time to help her along too I thought. Putting my finger into her pussy juices to lubricate it I then slipped it up her ass, this had the desired effect as Susan started moaning and screaming fuck me fuck me fuck me! cumming after about 20 strokes and boy did she cum squirting all over my cock drenching my groin in the process, I too was about to blow my load pulled out took off the condom and shout my cum all over her beautiful ass.

The one final surprise Susan turned round dropped to her knees and sucked my cock and balls clean, oh what a wonderful girl, defiantly sent from Venus to pleasure mankind!

We have since had another meet in a plush hotel which is another story...................