Written by cpl4cpl2cam

12 Oct 2014

next morning i woke up around 11am thinking back to what happened over and over i got so horny ,i wondered was he still there as i was on my side with my back to him,,hubby woke up and i asked him to look over.yes he is still there he whispered make a move i said we need to get going soon i said.hubby got up opened the blinds and turned on tv so we were all awake lol....right im off of a shower he said leaving us alone as soon as hubby was in the shower he came over to me he was naked and a big morning hard on...."can i fuck you" yes i said make it quick,he got on top of me put his cock right in me so hard and nonsence and pumped me so hard and fast can u take it in ur mouth he asked,yes go for it but fast he will be out soon,he got up and shot right in my open mouth,deciding where to spit it i heard the bathroom door open the guy jumped back to bed i swallowed it hubby came out wearing a towel,the guy jumped up saing im next,and went for a shower i was still so horny i went to hubby and asked him to make me cum,he went down on me and in about 3 mins i was in heaven i came so hard im sure the guy heard me.he came out of the shower and it was my turn i went in and i could hear them chatting in the bedroom,i used this alone time to recall what had happened and i found myself horny again and the shower gell felt like silk i was masturbating and about to cum,as i was cuming i felt a draft the guy was there looking he had pulled back the shower curtan,he was dressed and was saying goodbye he watched as i came and left......never found out his name or who he was.....hubby thought it was a bit naughty of him to come in the shower to say goodbye but he knows now how naughty he was........hope you all enjoy this story