Written by sxyboi

4 Sep 2013

A number of years ago I met with my griffins after she finished school. We had decided to go for a scenic walk along the river. We were chatting as normal and making our way along the river. We sat down at a bench and started kissing as only young lovers Can. As we had only recently started having sex we were still at a stage of kissing leading to full on groping within seconds. We were in a sheltered area surrounded by trees so I slowly snook my hand up her school skirt. I could feel her underwear was already soaking so I moved passed it and slid a finger inside her. She moaned as I did and we continued kissing passionately. I slowly started kissing down her neck and her mouth was now free to moan louder as I continued to kiss her neck and insert a second finger inside her.

I unbuttoned her top to reveal her bra. It always amazed me it was able to cope with her massive breasts. I unhooked her bra and put it in her bag, before continuing to finger her as I softly licked her nipples. She was now soaking wet and her nipples were rock hard. She began to stroke my cock from outside my jeans before slowly unzipping them and pulling my dick out. She got up and knelt down in front if me. She ran her tongue from the base to the head of my cock before swallowing it whole. As the fear of being caught descended it done nothing but fuel us both on. She gave me the best head I've ever received before I happily gave her more than a mouthful of warm cum. She smiled as she swallowed it all.

I then picked her up and turned her around. Her now soaking underwear were pulled down and put in her bag. I bent her over as age held onto a tree for balance. I lifted her skirt and slid my rock hard cock inside her. There was a road in front of us and a footpath that we were visible to anyone that looked but we continued. In return for the fantastic blowjob I fucked her with everything I had. I grabbed her huge swinging tits as I fucked her hard and her moans signalled she was close. Moments later I felt her pussy tighten around my cock as she let out quiet breaths were screams were supposed to be. She had cum so hard she was lost for air and she lay clinging to the tree out if necessity now.

I pulled her skirt down and she turned around, licking my cock once more almost as a thank you for the orgasm she received. She went to get her underwear from her bag but I stopped her. The icing on the cake was making her walk around with just her skirt and underwear. Which set the tone for more great sex later that evening.