28 May 2017

Mary the woman who work in the local shop was out with her husband few weeks back when I just happened to meet them by chance nothing planned. I have met both but not together ,we had met at Christmas but not as a threesome.

To get to the main point we shared a taxi home to their house, had few drinks and I was feeling horny.

Mary went to her room and changed into her night wear and came up in to the sitting room where her husband and my self were chatting ,she came back and sat on the husbands knee and kissed him passionately in front of me , I did start to get aroused and Mary eyed my weapon as she was kissing and grabbing the hubby by his tonsils.

The sexy bitch was trying tease me and as I did not want to move in on her I was fucking mad to explode almost moist on my boxers. Mary dismounted from her husband and said she was getting a drink of water and ask if either of the two wanted a drink.

I just said no thanks but want to go home, Jack she said you go home when your finished of me darling ,so at that I stood up and grad her arse . She just push that firm arse against me and then Michael husband grad her as well and start to suck her nipples I then started to pull her backwards toward my tool and was pointing it up between the checks of her firm arse

Mary put her hand back and grab my bulge Ahhh fuck let that out for air she told me.

All three of us hit for the bedroom and what a session after that , the seed was sown at Christmas and now it was time to reap the results. Mary took her husbands cock out started to suck it and as he was at that I went straight for the fanny as I let the knickers down it was wet and the moist lips was ready for exploring.

Both hubby and I exchanged positions and we all were enjoying it Mary groaning and moaning this is what I really want boys a good seeing to, the more she was at that the better it was for me I was mad for sex , I rode her fingered and sucked her to keep it going , Christ did she take it she was really horny both Michael and my self were helping each other until next meet which will happen sooner than later this time