Written by cpl4cpl2cam

28 Sep 2014

my hubby told me i should write this becasue it always turns him on when i tell it to him.

we were at a wedding in cork about 11 yrs ago,coming to the end of the night there was this guy at our table we got chatting to ,turned out he had no room and was planning to get a taxi home some 30kms away,we had in our room a dubble and a single bed so hubby sugested he use the single one,all was fine except hubby was the worse for wear and we helped him up to bed where he crashed stright away,we stripped him and put him to bed,me and the guy sat catting and finishing off a bottle of wine i had in the room and it was time to start getting ready for bed and as usual i never can manage my dres zip so i asked the guy he unzipped it and it fell right to the floor ,feeling a little embarressed in the g string and hold ups i grabbed my dress to cover up he told me not to b so shy and took my dress from mestanding facing him he stepped closer to me and kissed me dropping his hand inside my g string he whisperd that he wa wondering all night what why you were down here and was happy to feel it was smooth,i was kinda in shock looking around to keep an eye on hubby still snoring away,the guy was taking off his suit and stood ther in very sexy tight ck boxers with a huge bulge,he got on to the single bed and asked me over ,knowing once i joined him there was no going back

i got on the bed and we kissed and touched eachother my bra was removed and he was sucking my nipples he whisperd to me to turn around on my side facing my hubby,i did so and i felt him oull my g string aside and slowly slide his hard cock into my pussy from behind OMG it felt so good slow and hard he pumped into me while i kept an eye on hubby i could feel him getting close he held me closer so tight and one hard push i felt him cum deep inside me all the while i was masturbating my clit and i too came we lay there for a while then i got up put a t shirt on and gotinto bed next to hubby

and fell asleep