Written by Anonymous

8 Jul 2010

We got talking to John in the bar as we were about the only people in it, he was a scottish guy in Dublin on business for the weekend, as we got talking herself was telling him how sexy she thought his accent was as shes big into accents, anyway skiping to the bedroom part after john had came herself sat up and knelt btween his legs and sucked his cock clean i went to our room to change my boxer shorts as they were ruined after she sucked me off when i returned herslf was on her back with her legs around johns back as he fucked her senseless, when he was about to cum he turned her over her and fucked her hard doggy style till he filled her pussy with cum. after half an hour or so of chattin and bottles of bud she was starting to suck johns cock again by now he was hard again and began suckin her tits and feeling her all over, her pussy was still soaking when john began to finger her bum at this herself got on her knees on the bed with john behind her, she went bright red and cried out as john nudged his cock into her tight bum she orgasmed nearly staight away as he began to slam his hips into her, he only lasted 3 or 4 minutes himself before he filled her tight hole with cum. we returned to our room at about 4 am but in the morning when we woke herself went to his room to say good morning and goodbye and ended up slipping beneath the covers for a quickie, even to this day i get so horny when we tak about that night