Written by Anonymous

7 Jul 2010

We had often talked about our fantasies and the idea of swinging but herself was a bit reluctant, although very flirty and dirtyminded she thought of swinging as kind of cheating, any how when we were in our mid twenties we were at a christening in dublin and decided to stay over night at a local hotel after plenty of drink we went back to the hotel bar where we got talking to another guest, a guy in his 40,s after a while drinking and chatting i could tell she really fancied him as she was flirting outrageously and the conversation had gone quite sexy, when herself went to the toilet he was saying how lucky i was to have such a sexy wife etc etc to which i replied yes and shes a dirty little cow to, at last orders he came back from the bar with a load of drink and asked us back to his room for a nitecap. after a few min of chattin herself ended up sittin on his lap with her tongue down his throat he glanced over at me and i just smiled with that he pulled her dress down and began sucking her tits and playin with her pussy at which point she leaned over to me and began to suck my solid cock as he pulled her knickers to 1 side as he slid his cock into her, she came fast and heavy at the feel of her 1st strange cock, she fucked and sucked that lucky guy till 4am.