Written by johnnythefox

26 May 2011

This story is real and I still remember it so well. The sun was beaming though the clouds, a truly beautiful summers’ day and although we had driven all day and were in high spirits we’d had had no luck in securing the right level of privacy to pursue one of our favourite pastimes, - car sex. After two stops and starts and following some intense foreplay and discrete rubbing there was a lovely moment out at a coastal car park where we had started to fool around.

My partner was rubbing my very hard cock through the fabric of my jeans while a middle aged man seated slightly higher in some sort of van watched. The reason for both my erection and the voyeur was that I had my lovers’ panties pulled down around her thighs which were partially but not fully concealed. The top of her dress she had opened herself and her lively pink nipples were ever so slightly prominent above the yellow lace of her bra.

Both her tightly tended bush and her knickers were soaking wet. The panties because we had been intermittently stroking with her pussy for hours as we tried to find a private place to play, and she was soaking because she enjoys being watched and was all too aware that although we were restricted in our show by the daylight hour, our friend in the high carriage of the van seemed to be doing some cock rubbing of his own.

It was all going wonderfully well in or deserted car park until in they drove—four pipes on the car, an engine that sounded like a star wars out take and the loudest, pumped up techno / Ibiza garbage music available. M’s legs closed, our engine started and having nodded sagely to our highly disappointed van driver we headed out again.

We drove idly back into town not wishing to give up on our quest completely but also knowing that sometimes getting it on outdoors can be as much about luck as intention. At a set of lights my partner slipped her yellow lace panties down to her ankles and then retrieved them into her bag, practice having made this move faultless and, discussing our lack of success, we decided to retreat for the day and head for a mid day drink in the more familiar surroundings of Dublin city centre. M agreed to drive for the evening and so we slumped into the dusky afternoon indoors of our favourite snug in one of our favourite deserted bars.

The bar is a good enough venue which is well known, quiet and easygoing, but is also one of the fairly nondescript and quieter pubs around the city centre. You may have even had a drink there yourself at some point. Directly facing the entrance as you go in is a large wooden bordering partition with stained glass panes on top which is actually the back of a curved snug at about face height with a ledge for standing punters opposite, you turn left here to proceed.

There is a small television above your head over the door, but you must fully turn around to see this and as the hall is only the width of two people and this normally ensures that while people may place drinks on top of the back of the snug, they cannot look over it and tend to rest drinks on the opposite ledge which is at elbow height in order to watch the TV.

This passage also faces directly onto the side of the main bar counter so that upon entering the pub, the eye is drawn towards the counter where the staff will occasionally be perched. Perhaps most importantly it also means that while the snug around the corner from this construction is mostly visible to the bar, if someone is sitting at the last or end seat, they can only be observed if someone walks up and turns that corner to face them or walks across the full width of the bar and then turns in, as the end seat has a large comfortable and cushioned siding upon it. In short, the bar is one of those few perfect bars left which used to be quite common in Dublin, where you can’t be seen unless someone sits either directly opposite or beside you.

We ordered our drinks from the seat as the barman who we know came over. I just thought that he was discretely looking at my partners tits as he usually does, (she can be such a flirt), but when I followed his gaze I realised that as my partner had one leg folded under the other, he seemed to be able to see up her slightly bunched up dress but I couldn’t tell if he could see her sex. We had seen him get hard looking at her before, and while not wishing to be cruel, it was an entertainment also; seeing him get an erection and then not come out from behind the bar until it faded.

I informed M when he left, but as usual she just laughed and pulled her dress up slightly higher so that it looked as if she had just moved forward in the seat but in actuality left the view of her privates as a matter of a millimetres adjustment in gaze. She also pushed a bar mat off the table knowing that he would be torn to pick it up upon his return.

I’ve never seen a man take so long to retrieve a beer mat or to get hard so quickly. He retreated to the safety of the bar immediately afterwards and in our now private state I said to M ‘you’re such a tease’ to which she replied ‘do you think so?’ When I looked down she was rubbing her clit between her slightly spread legs and making lewd facial gestures. We both laughed and then stopped…… I knew then what she wanted and I placed my finger right upon her now soaking wet clit and started to softly rub up and down.

I knew that look in her eye, she had been just about to start to cum while being watched in the car park and had now been turned back on by the bar man sneaking peeks down her blouse and up her dress. Most importantly I knew that she is as brazen as I and that in her aroused state she wanted to be wanked off in this public place, fuelled by both their desires, my want of her and the risk of being caught.

Slowly and steadily I stoked, watching and listening with every nerve tense and turned on by what we were doing. I could almost feel her palpable desire to cum here. M began to breathe heavy and hard and I could feel the juice run down my finger. She came like a train, gagging herself in order to stop from emitting the usual satisfied noises of ecstasy that accompany her orgasms. She shuddered once and then again and then stopped, flushed and florid at her success.

We stayed there for on more. M paid for the drink and in doing so played with the barman a little more before we decided to leave in the evening’s light. To this day that’s our favourite seat and while we can’t always get away with that level of brazen behaviour we always toast each other with a glint in our eye when we sit there.