Written by secretstories

11 Oct 2013

This is my first time writing a story so go easy please. Its also a long story so bear with me....

I've told a few of you this story and some believe it and some don't but I can guarantee its all real.

A few weekends ago I supposed to have a mad night out with an old work friend. She's pretty much vanilla so it would have been a drink dance food night.. I hadn't heard from her all week and come Saturday she is nowhere to be found so I assume I'm going to have to have a very boring night in. So after a few vodkas at home another friend called me and asked did I want to go to an Ann Summers party. I'm kind of tipsy at this stage so say ok even though they aren't really my thing.

The party ended up being pretty boring so me and another girl decide to head to the local pub for a few drinks. The local is know to be a bit of a pick up joint for all the local 18-21 yr olds. I get chatting to this guy who's about 21 or 22 and since my top is very low cut he's making it perfectly clear he's very interested. At the end of the night we end up in a very dark and quiet car park things are getting very hot. He has his trousers round his ankles and he starts to tell me that he isn't it to giving oral... I just stop and stare at him and as I'm so drunk I start to laugh.. he gets annoyed so I run off and just leave him there with his pants round his ankles..

Luckily for me there is a taxi rank right around the corner from the car park so I jump in the first one I can. The driver asks why I'm out in the village so late on my own as its about 5 am and as I'm drunk I start telling him the whole story. He's an older guy which is usually not my type but he's kind of handsome and my drunk body is very horny. He stops the car around the corner from my house and tells me that I'm after making him really horny and he's going to have to go have a wank somewhere. So, this gets me very hot and I tell him he can do it right there for me and let me watch. He looks at me in shock like I'm joking. So in order to convince him I pull my tights and knickers down and slowly run my finger down my very, very wet pussy.. I'm so horny at this stage I'm ready to burst so I slide 2 fingers inside and lift them up to him so he can lick them but I tell him he can't touch me unless I say so. He licks all the juice of my fingers and has his jeans and underwear down before I can get my hand back to my pussy.. I open the top buttons of my dress and my boobs fall out of the dress. I've one hand squeezing my nipple hard and the other is slowly running over my clit stopping only to slide 2 fingers inside. I can see him wanking and by the grunts he's making I know it's not going to take him long. I pull his head over and whisper in his ear to suck my nipples hard. He groans really loud and starts wanking really fast. My hands is still sliding up and down my pussy and I can hear how wet I am. He lifts my hand up and again licks all my juice from my fingers.. Before I know it he tells me he's going to cum and he cums all over his hand...

He tells me how great that was I just pull my tights back up and jump out of the cab.. He opens his window and says id love to get your number and do that again sometime.. but I just laugh and walk off.. all while forgetting to pay him. lol