Written by admin

6 Nov 2010

Several years ago on my doss year after college finished, I was travelling across Europe by train. I can't remember the details of this particular journey but it was an overnighter so I paid extra for a first class seat. I ended up in a 4 seater section with a sliding door for privacy. Now invariably I get seated on planes, buses & trains beside the fat, smelly, snorey bloke but the Gods were on my side this time and I was with two female teachers on their way back from a conference.

The one sitting directly opposite me was quite tall, Germanic looking, straight, black hair and really intense eyes. Oh and a short skirt & legs that went on forever! The other was blonde, very cute, bubbly, really friendly and quite large boobs. They obviously skipped the last session in the conference because there was a strong whiff of booze and they were over friendly! They pulled out the remnants of a bottle of some spirit I'd never seen before and I shared a couple of shots with them for an hour or so. We chatted and flirted and generally had a laugh. After a while things went quiet and the blonde drifted off. But the top button of her blouse had come undone and her cleavage & bra was clear to see. I tried not to stare as her mate was awake but it was hard! Eventually she caught me, saw what I was looking at and burst out laughing. I obviously went red because she started to laugh at me then! She said it's ok to look, it's natural ... so I did. Then she started a conversation about sexual attraction, asking me what type of women I liked, did I like boobs or bums, and so on. Harmless fun really.

She pops out to the loo, and when she gets back she hands her knickers to me. I almost choked on my peanuts!! She smiled and spread her legs ever so slightly and I could just make out the top of her inner thigh. Nature took over and within a few minutes she was sitting astride me with my cock inside her. We fucked a couple of times that night with her mate asleep a few feet away. I was dying for her to wake up so that she might join in but alas she was too drunk. Still, it was a fun night and one I revisit quite often in these days of drought!!