Written by Paddy

30 Jun 2012

I get text on my phone to tell me that J will be finished work in 2 hours,, I haven't seen her in 3 days because she    has been working as an air hostess long haul , I head to the airport to pick her up as I wait outside I see all the people coming and going & then I spot her walking towards the car with two of her work colleagues, she asks me can we give them a spin, the three of them get into the car & I'm watching for a flash of their knickers as they climb into the back of my coupe, I feel like the captain of the car with my three air hostesses with me , by the time we drop the girls off it's dark & as we are driving away i ask J any chance of a blowjob & with that out comes my cock  and she is munching down on me as im trying to drive along the road,i soon shoot my load into her mouth and she swallows my cum down,,,she then sits back and reclines her seat , she lies back & s my turn now , she grabs my hand and sticks it up under her skirt, I feel my way around and push her knickers to the side and finger her, i so want to make her cum that I pull the car over at a lay by and lean over on top of her and bury my face in her pussy, my hands and tongue roam every part of her pussy . I make her orgasm pretty quickly.. I restart the car as I can't wait to get her home so that we can have some more fun,  I suggest we go to a dogging area on the way home for a look or to join in, J decides to change out of her uniform in the back of the car before we get to the spot as she doesn't want any pictures of her in her uniform doing something ending up on the net and getting her into trouble..as she changes in the back of the car I admire her gorgeous body, she is wearing a matching bra and knickers and a pair of high heels, she puts on a short poolside  summer dress that she had in her bag, it barely covered her tits and ass. As we got to the spot we saw a few cars, one of them had a few people gathered around it watching as a couple were having sex inside the car..u pulled my car up near the others , we watched the other couple having sex in the car, she was riding him & then he was riding her ,, when they were finished, we turned on our interior light , the windows were nicely fogged up at this stage,, I reclined the passengers seat fully and I took of j's knickers and hung them on the rear view mirror, I then climbed over to the passengers side and began shagging j , I pulled down her dresss and popped her tits out , I licked her tits as I rode her ,, the group watching us really loved it , some of them were masturbating & some were even pleasuring each other and having sex,some were shouting instructions to us like ride her , lick her and stuff like that..j got up on top of me and began riding me , I matched each of her strokes with a push ,, it was great and very sexual,, we enjoyed every second of it and loved the attention , I felt her high heels dig in to my thighs as she rode vigorously, her tits jiggled up and down with each movement as I grabbed her by the ass to lift her up and push her down on me,,, we loved the attention we were getting and put on a good show,, when we were done i switched off the light and got dressed , we watched a few more couples shagging in their cars that night and loved it.....