Written by carfun

19 Jan 2012

I arrived in England for university with the intention of staying true to my girl back home. She was beautiful and fun and I didnt want to mess that up. For a few weeks I was proud how I turned away the tempations. But it wasnt to last.

On a night out with friends I offered to queue with the coats and overburdened I bumped into a girl behind me. As I turned to apologise I was instantly blushing when a stunning, tall blonde smiled back. Our eyes met and we both fumbled for the words. After a moments awkwardness we erupted in laughter and began to exchange some banter. It made the long wait fly past and as we parted ways she kissed me tenderly on the lips and said "Look out for me later."

I was dumbstruck and she slid off into the crowd, looking back to catch me watch her.

I found my friends on the dancefloor and we began the ritual of oscillating between there and the bar. An hour later all was a blur but there was clarity in the memory of those soft lips against mine. It had been five weeks since I had spent the night with anyone and the pressure was built up to more than I could handle.I decided to make my excuses and left to find her.

I circled the club for half an hour without sight of my new Godess. Then, from nowhere a tap on the back announced that SHE had found ME! "I've been looking for you" she exclaimed as we pulled close and kissed slowly and passionately. Our passion clouded the sights and sounds around us and we made it into a quiet area. As she caressed my body and I held her firmly I plucked up the courage and asked "Would you like to do something tomorrow?"

"Stay in bed!!"

I couldnt believe my luck. We were in a taxi within two minutes, and no words passed between us on the way to my apartment. At the door she excused herself to the bathroom and I ran to my bedroom to clear the tell-tale photos of my girlfriend.

She soon appeared in her short white dress, tightly fitted to what I could now see was the tall slender figure of an athelete. She had firm, small but perfectly formed breasts and an ass like a peach! Her short blonde hair reached her shoulders and drew my aye to her pink lips and bright blue eyes.

We were impatient to get undressed and fell over each other in our hurry, laughing nervously but gaining trust for each other. As I stripped her I kissed the length of her body appreciating her perfect skin and tone.

In a matter of minutes we were sucking and licking each other and things were really heating up. I lifted her and laid her on my bed, spreading her les as i did so and rolling my tongues down towards her smooth pussy...

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