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A quiet Sunday night or so I thought

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A usual Sunday night, get the kids to bed, run a bath for myself to relax and read a book with some wine, hubby in the bar watching the football with a few pints, that is until he lands home and I hear more than one voice while I'm laying in the bath with not a stitch near me to cover up. We only have one bathroom and I hear the handle go, it was my husband's friend who needed the toilet and didn't know I was in there, I says to go ahead quickly with embarrassment, and as he is a little drunk he just whips it on out and goes to the toilet, I can't help but look at the size of it. He smiles at me and walks on out to the living room again, my husband comes in next and takes a kiss and feel, sees I'm now horny. I get out of the bath eventually and have just a dressing gown to cover me, I go on up to the boys in the living room and join them, out of nowhere the hubby says would you lick her and his friend says he would, so he tells him to go on ahead and do it, the friend gets down in front of me and pulls my legs over his shoulders and starts licking me out, I have to say it was amazing I was making all sorts of noises my husband was beside me now rubbing my nipples and kissing me while the friend is still licking and sucking my flaps. I pull his head up and push him back and ask him to let me see his cock again I don't believe it could be as big as I first seen, so he lay back took the trousers off and it is as big as I first saw, I couldn't resist without even thinking I went down to the floor and put it in my mouth, hubby came behind me playing with my bum and fingering me. I was sucking so hard enjoying the foreplay happening to me, I wanted it inside me, so I got up on top of his face and got him to lick me more, then I moved slowly down and his cock drove into me like a force I never felt, he was raising me up he was going that hard I was making noises I never knew existed in my voice, I got an orgasm and climbed off and asked my husband to ride me doggy style and while he started to do that the friend came in front of me and wanked and came all over my face, my husband then came inside me and I put the robe back on, sat up and had another wine..... The friend asked could he stay as he had no taxi.. I didn't know if I could take anymore cock but was excited..............

Written by cplforfun09

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