Written by Dave C

9 Nov 2019

Living down the country, I ventured up to Dublin one Saturday afternoon on my own to catch up with an old friend. He said goodbye to his wife and we headed for a few early pints, soccer on the tv, usual lads stuff. After a couple hours of drinking we started to walk back to his place. When we arrived back, his wife was still awake in her pyjamas and in the sitting room watching tv. It was obvious she had a few glasses of wine aswell. Shes early 40s, slim build, short dark hair, perky breasts, tight ass and very attractive. Anyway we had a few more beers and then it happened and it caught me totally off guard... the conversation turned to sex and it was obvious there was a bit of sexual tension in the air. Me and my mate were sitting apart on the couch then his wife came over and sat between us. She started kissing her husband in front of me but then to my amazement she turned to me and started kissing me. It was such a turn on. My mate didnt even flinch. Before I knew it she had unzipped our trousers and was jerking both of us off at the same time. She threw a leg up on each of us and we both fingered her wet pussy and felt her breasts. After a couple of minutes my mate exploded his hot cum all over her hand. It was my turn then, I couldnt hold on and I came real hard and it went everywhere. It was all such a turn on. There was no sex, no oral, nothing else. She was an expert at wanking. After cleaning ourselves up we went to seperate rooms. It never happened again but thats what probably makes it all the better..

Tags: cumshot, housewife, masterbation, mutual