13 Nov 2015

One Friday night my wife J went out on the town with a few of her friends. I got a call about 9 to make the bed in the spare room as E was going to stay over. So I made up the bed and put out some fresh towels on the end of the bed for her. Then after a bit I went off to bed and off to sleep. I wake to the noise of the two of them laughing down in the kitchen. As they taught it was a good idea to have yet another bottle of wine before they call it a night.

I hear glass breaking so I got up put on some shorts and went to see if they where ok. I went into the kitchen to find J had just dropped a glass. She says sorry as I clean up the glass, I ask if they ok and seeing all is well I leave them to it and head back to bed. I hear someone coming into the room its J and she gets a T-shirt for E to sleep in. J then gets into bed and rolls over kisses me good night. At that point her phone Beeps J opens the text and laughs and quickly reply's to the text. Then J askes me what I taught about E. I say to J she is a very good looking woman. J's phone beeps again and this time she shows me the text. Its from E she is asking J to reach over and see if my cock is hard. I take the phone off J and sent a text back that says why don't you come in and find out for your self. Nothing no reply J laughs and says don't worry I will take care of you. she slides down and slips my cock in her mouth. I moan with pleasure. then J's phone beeps again Its E she says I would love to join you two. J gets up and leaves the room she returns with E.

J says to E well are you still up for a 3 way E just looks at E says nothing she just smiles and kisses J and then looks over to me and asks well are you up for it. I just throw back the covers and ask what are they waiting for the two of them jump on the bed and E goes straight in to kiss me I remove the T-shirt off her and my god what a great set of tits J just went back to sucking my cock I slipped my hand down between E's legs to find a dripping wet pussy I finger fucked her as we kissed. I then got J to come up and feed me her pussy the girls kissed as E climbs up and slips my cock into her very wet pussy. She fucked me like she really wanted it they took turns fucking me till I was about to cum J says to E he is about to cum do you want it or will I have it E says she wants it so J pulls off me and E takes my cock deep on her mouth and sucks really hard on my cock I could not hold on and squirt after squirt pumped into her mouth. She gets up and goes straight in to share my cum with J and J is only to glad to share it with E.

I am left there spent the two girls finish kissing and sharing my cum when J says to E would she like if I made her cum with my tongue she says oh yes please so I gladly put her on her back and went to work on her pussy and did she cum my god I taught she was having a fit then as she lay there totally drained I fucked J like I never fucked her before I was never so turned on.

The next day J asks me would I do it again all I could say is yes. J says good because it was the best fuck of her life and she wanted more I asked her what about 3 way with a man for her and she looked at me and asks would I be ok with that and I reply of course so now we looking for a man to join us and J says E was asking when can she stay over again.

so till next time will J find a man she wants before E talks her into staying over again. I will let you know if anything happens .