9 May 2020

One summers night on the walk home in the early hours of the morning after the wedding me and the girl I was with headed back to the B&B. I was quite horny as I usually am, I knew we wouldn't have sex in the room as we were sharing with another person. so not far from the B&B I noticed the field that had been bailed early on in the day. All the bails were now wrapped with plastic so I gave her a nudge and said come on let's play.

So in we went. I put her sitting up on the bale as I stood on the grass slowly kissing her from the knees up. Then I raised her dress to reveal a nice hairy pussy with a very skimpy g-string, I just moved this to one side, it was already soaked so I began licking and sucking her juices. Oh how sweet it was, I was ROCK HARD. so I climbed up beside her and slid the top part of the dress down to reveal her small but very nice tits and nipples which were large and hard. She sucked me off for a couple of minutes, I couldn't wait any longer, I climbed onto her and fucked away in 3 different positions before I shot my load inside her extremely wet hairy pussy. what a night. By the time we got back to the B&B it was 5.30am and the other guest were not even there so we did it all over again.

I really miss those nights of wildness and fun.