10 Jun 2017

I always seemed to have a 6th sense for it. I could find the kinky girl in the group and it used to drive my mates crazy at the antics i got up too. For some reason I'm just able to read people. It started at work. There was this cute little thing, barely 5ft with a great smile, that i chatted to daily. Everytime she used to insert her boyfriend into the conversation, as if using it as a defense mechanism, but i could see right throw it. I knew she fancied me even though i was 30 and she was only 20. I bided my time and decided not to pressurise her as she only had 1 partner ever. Eventually i gave her my number and the conversations continued outa work. She began to open up about her bf's small cock and her lack of satisfaction. I decided to take the high road and let her chase me. She started sending me pics of her in a towel just out of the shower and such. I decided now was the time to act. I laid on my best charm and asked could we meet privately. At first she wad reluctant but she eventually agreed. We decided the public toilets at work would do. The next day we agreed to meet. I took her by the hand and led her into mens ( this ensured she couldn't just run out as possibility of being seen in men's toilet would cause embarrassment)and into a cubicle. The minute the door closed i could sense the arousal in her heighten. She jumped at me wrapping arms around me kissing me passionately. I responded in kind and used my skills to undo her bra and pants with one hand. She seemed shocked to be standing the with her breasts out and in her thong. It was only when id her bra off and her breasts touching me i realised what she'd been hiding. 32 EE tits!!!! She'd always been wearing multiple layers at work and never shown them off. I took the in my hands and began kissing and squeezing them. I undid my pants and took out my thick hard cock and it pressed against the outside of her thong. I went to take off her thong but she stopped me. Saying it was first time we were alone and she had bf that she was meeting after. I asked what was happening so. She sat down on the closed toilet and took my cock in her small hands. It looked huge. She opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue and slid it back her throat. She instantly gagged. With tears running down her eyes she apolgised saying she'd never had a cock this big before. Smiling i told her to take her time and gently get used to it. Determinedly she looked up at me. She took my cock shallower in her mouth using her tongue to tickle its head and down the shaft. Getting deeper as time passed still with the regular gag as it went to deep down her throat. I could see her nipples getting harder and harder everytime she gagged. Those 32EE's were now covered in goosepimples and drool as she valiantly sucked away. I could feel myself getting closer and closer to cumming. Being the gentleman i told her i was close to cumming. This drove her into a frenzy sucking it faster and as deep as she could till i came in her mouth. She swallowed it all eagerly and then told my cock out of her mouth and stroked from the bottom of my shaft up while inspecting the top of my cock. Everytime a drop of cum came out she lapped it up with her tongue. The sensitivity had me jumping. She looked up at me cock in hand pleased at punch. I asked her was she going to kiss her bf with that mouth. She smiled and cheekily said she was going to stick her tongue down his throat as far as my cock had been in her mouth. I checked that coast was clear and we departed on the promise of meeting again. We definitely did ?