22 Dec 2015

I'll start with the disclaimer that this only covers some of my encounters in a brief way.

It started about ten years ago, before there was much access through the internet to swinging. I had to dive down some deep holes to find anything substantial, and most of it became pen pal type activity. Eventually I met an older lady, who had actually taught in my primary school. I was 20 and she was 42 and we teased each other for a while before meeting up. She was married and was playing behind her husband's back, which, for me at the time, was a huge thrill. While he was out, I would get to enjoy his wife's extremely fit body in his bed. We were both clean and honest and she wasn't able to have kids, so it was one of the only times in my life that I could have unprotected sex. We had LOTS of fun.

After a while, the sites in Ireland became better run and more populated. I met a number of single girls, mostly for one nighters as I lived in a small town and had to travel for meets. Eventually I met a local couple, where the girl enjoyed playing with me individually. She would come into the shop where I worked through uni and we would have quick oral sessions when it was quiet and my boss had taken a walk.

Later on, I met another girl in my uni city. We chatted for a while and then she said she would meet me out when we were both drunk. She ended up coming back to mine with my mate, and we enjoyed her from each end. He was shocked - had never done anything like that before. He very quickly came in her mouth, leaving me some alone time with her. On another trip with him to a different city, I ran into an openly gay man and his hot eastern European lady friend. I ended up back in there bed, eating her as he sucked me before enjoying them both. It's the only time I ever had an encounter like that.

My only major experience with a couple in Ireland was with a local pair. They were much older and he simply watched as I played with her and then started taking photos. There wasn't much of a spark and it ended up as a disappointing experience - I know that I disappointed them anyway, but I was also left less than satisfied. Just one of those things.

I never managed to attend a party in Ireland - but when I came to Australia, everything changed. More about that later.