Written by Paddy

3 Jul 2012

Unknowing doggers 

One night while coming home from a friends party, J was driving my car home , so I decided to take advantage of her not that she was complaining , she had on a pair of  cowboy boots , a short skirt & a nice  vest top, I began feeling her up and took off her knickers , I dropped my hand in between her legs and started fingering her, she was dripping wet in seconds, in the distance we spotted a police checkpoint , when we arrived at the checkpoint I stopped pleasuring J but at this stage her skirt was up around her & the police man was getting an eyefull  of ripe wet pussy, he called his colleague but didnt realise that we could hear him saying that he had a great view of this girls box,, they held us at the checkpoint as long as possible gazing sneakily between J's legs. This gave us a good idea so we drove to a fast food place & parked around the back ,,the plan was to go in seperatley and pretend we didn't know each other , J went in first , ordered food & sat down facing the door so she could flash somebody if she wanted, I then went in and got a nice view of J's pussy on the way to the counter, as I was standing at the counter 2 guys came in , I could see them looking at J as she flashed them, they came up to the counter and were talking to each other about the slapper sitting down with fanny hanging out for the world to see , I turned to them and said I saw that to and wouldn't mind giving her a good seeing to if I got the chance, they said she was gorgeous and that she must be a dirty b--ch  and wouldn't mind giving her one either, when I got my food I said to the two guys to wish me luck with her,,I went down and sat near J, after a few minutes I moved in next to her , the 2 guys sat near us and could hear our conversation , we were talking dirty to each other, J said to me that she was horny and would I fancy some no strings attached sex , I said sure so J took me by the hand and led me to the car park , I could see that the 2 guys were spying on us , As we walked up to the carpark we were kissing and groping each other , we were up by my car as J dropped to her knees to give me a quick blow job , I returned the favour as she lay up on the bonnet of my car I buried my face between her legs and she was moaning like a cat (overdoing the moans for our 2 new watchers) I then grabbed her legs and wrapped them around me as I shoved my cock as deep into her as I could,  i pulled down her vest top and her tits were free to flop about,we changed positions a few times , she was riding me on the ground at one stage, before I finally turned her around and fucked her from behind as she played with her clit and tits , she was talking very dirty as the 2 guys looked on , as soon as we were done she  pulled down her skirt & said thanks for that I needed it as she wasnt getting much at home these days,  she got into the car and drove off, I  walked out of the car park , the 2 guys came over to me and were nearly as happy as me by what they had seen, I said to them you were right guys she was a slut and left me ride her without a condom. I walked around the corner & jumped into the car, we laughed the  whole way home thinking of the thrill we gave the 2 guys ..