Written by giveittous

29 Mar 2009

I was leaving to go down the country for work reasons for a week. Now to say my girlfriend wasn't happy bout it was an understatement.

"What am I going to do without you?" she asked me. I knew she meant what was she going to do without my cock and regular feasting on my cum.

"You'll be fine and anyway you'll get plenty of attention from me before I go" I told her.

We had planned on going out and having a few drinks before going home and having a serious fuck session at home.

She had invited her friend Cat along for the night and during the night I noticed that the two of them were huddled together most of the night as if they were planning something. At the end of the night we all fairly plastered and getting ready to leave when my girlfriend came over and announced that Cat would be staying at our house as she had just had a row with her fella.

Looking at the girl with her red hair generous tits and small waist gave me a boner which tite cunt noticed and smirked. The two of them were cooking something up and I knew it be good. Me and tite cunt had often talked about which of our friends would we fuck and we had both agreed on Cat.

Anyway back at the house a bottle of wine was cracked open and the chat was flowing. I excused myself to the toilet and was greeted on my return with tite cunt and cat kissing groping each other and with their hands shoved down each others knickers. My cock immediately sprang up and I couldn't help but take it out at horny sight and start to wank over it. I watched for a few more minutes before the girls noticed me. Both looked hungrily at my cock before tite cunt asked cat "do you want to suck his hard cock"

Cat replied "I've want to suck it all night" before falling to her knees and taking her top off to expose her bra and tits.

Both girls were wearing short dresses and tight tops all night which left little to the imagination and as cat devoured my cock I undid her bra to reveal her tits.

tite cunt had pulled her skirt up and as usual wasn't wearing knickers so starting play with her wet pussy looking at her friend sucking tugging and licking my cock.

Cat looked at me and told me "She told me you like to fuck her tits. Show me!"

I placed my cock between her tits and started to fuck them hard. Cat groaned as I pounded my cock between.

Tite cunt was now on the floor by now place her mouth underneath Cat wet snatch, licking and sucking away at the pussy juices. Cat was enjoying this I could tell by the moaning and groaning she was doing.

`Lick that pussy while your boyfriend fucks my tits you dirty bitch!! Taste those juices' she screamed.

By now I was begging to fuck a wet pussy and told them both to strip and get on the couch. They both got up and stripped off to reveal the pair of them were only wearing suspenders and stocking.

`It's your lucky day babe now fuck me and let Cat watch' tite cunt commanded. She got on all fours and I stuck my rock cock into her deep wet snatch and started to fuck her hard.

`Give it to her like the dirty fucking whore she is' yelled Cat as she looked at us fucking. The whole time I was fucking tite cunt I was looking at Cat whose hunger for sex showed in her eyes.

`Fuck me harder baby I want your cock deeper in me. Show Cat how hard I like it' yelled tite cunt as I grabbed her hair and pulled it back as I pounded away on her pussy.

`I'm cuming babe, don't stop' she screamed as a shudder went down her body and her cunt clenched round my cock.

`Let me taste her cum juice off your cock' Cat said as she devoured the glistening cock into her mouth.

She licked tite cunt's juice off it and told me ` I want to ride that hard prick now!'

I sat down on the couch as Cat mounted my cock and started to ride away on it griping her tits as she rode me hard. Tite cunt of course wasn't going to miss out on the action and placed her dripping wet pussy over my face to eat out as Cat rode me.

I couldn't hold back for much longer and it was a relief that Cat grinded her way to orgasm on my cock.

`Enough of you two sluts ordering me about. On your knees and suck me off you fucking whores' I ordered them.

In a second the pair of them were on their knees sucking my cock and balls begging for cum. Not one to deny a lady's request I could feel my balls tighten as I was about to cum.

`I'm cuming you fucking whores' I yelled as I shot my load over their faces. The two of them licked the spunk from each other's face as I kept wanking my cock to give them every last drop. They shared a cummy kiss before tite cunt announced that this was just the beginning of the night and that her and Cat had a lot of plans for me and my cock before I left for that trip.

Till Monday morning we didn't leave the house and a lot of cum was drunk before I got into the car and drove off. I got a text from Cat the day before I was due home asking me did me and tite cunt want another night of fun. I agreed of course and told tite cunt to expect company