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perfect-irish 10 years ago

A girl from S4I meets my friend and I

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Myself and my friend had rambled through town on another of our habitual routes of Jaagerbombs and crazy dancing. There had been the usual number of girls to chat up but neither of us found an end to the night - some of this may be due to the fact that my friend was on crutches from a rugby injury - inhibiting our normal dance routines. As we made our way to get our post party food I noticed a text from a girl I had been chatting to from here. We hadn't met yet so I was surprised that she was asking was I out and did I want to meet up. Of course the 2am booty call is nothing new but from a girl I hadn't met before it wasn't expected. After some searching through the crowd and double and triple checking that it was the right girl I was looking at - I approached her cagily. Turns out we had the right one so I introduced her to my friend and we started chatting. As it was cold I suggested heading back to mine as my mate's place was not far past it so he could leave us to it. Along the road I started to joke about him joining us - she seemed keen but he felt it was all a wind up. We got back to mine and all sat on the bed. I started chattng to her and from the tone of the conversation I knew she had not been joking. My friend was in a world of his own, reading a rugby book. She was sitting with her back to the wall under the covers. I slid my hand into her jeans and began to play with her pussy. As she gasped my friend turned, realising what was happening. I smiled and him and pushed her head towards his crotch. She greedily spilled his cock out of his pants and began to suck hungrily on it. I took this as my sign to continue so I stood up and removed my own pants - then pulled hers off before easing her onto her hands and knees. As I entered her I caught my friend's eye - he was laughing at the situation so I leaned forward and offered him a high five. I started to find my rhythm and really began to take her hard and fast. She was unable to control her own actions with the motion so my friend attempted to hold her head still as he wanked into her mouth. It did not take him long to finish and without another word he redid his pants, found his crutches and left the room. The girl swallowed his load and I went back to taking her pussy. Knowing I was unable to cum though, I began fingering her ass. At first she was not keen but when I explained the situation she was happy to oblige. Within five minutes we were lying beside each other with my cum filling her ass. Soon after she cleaned up and took a taxi home. This was a year ago and I am typing this on my laptop exactly where this story took place. My friend has moved into the same house now and tells me he knows a girl who enjoyed the story very much. Maybe she will help us relive it sometime soon.

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