Written by Happy

14 Nov 2014

My wife Jo rings me at work on Friday as says her and Ann her friend want to stay over Saturday night if that's ok with me. How could I say no after the last night. So Saturday evening I get home and Jo and Ann are there. Jo is dressed in high heels knee high boots, stockings black lace panties and a black lace bra. Ann is dressed in a very sexy leather corset leather panties stockings and black high heels. I have a smile from ear to ear. Jo says we are here to please you my dear. Now who could say no to that.

I open a bottle and get the glasses for the girls. Jo whispers in my ear that there is some thing in the bedroom for me and they would like it if I would go up and get dressed in what they got for me. I smile and head off to see what they got for me to put on. I'm in the bedroom and find a bag on the bed and find inside some leather shorts a leather belt with cuffs hanging off the belt, Then there was a note in the bag too, ( you will do as your told no complaints and they will do with me what ever they want ).

I walk back into the sitting room in the tight leather shorts and the girls just say nice. Ann stands up and says get over here and kiss me, so I do just as I'm told, as we kiss she wraps her tongue around mine and pulls it into her mouth so she can softly suck my tongue, Jo went to the kitchen as we kissed and walk's back in with a flogger in one hand and a ball gag in the other hand, ok I think this night is about to get a little kinky, Ann says to me she always wanted to be flogged as she fucked someone and Jo was only to happy to help. Jo walk's over to us drop's to her knees and takes out my cock

( by the way was throbbing at the taught of what was about to happen ) slips it into her mouth and slowly sucks it all the way to the back of her mouth, I moan with the feel of her warm wet mouth around my cock, Ann goes and gets me a beer opens it and says sit here and enjoy you self, I sit down and Jo and Ann start to kiss there hands are all over each other, Jo says to Ann get on your knees bitch. Ann smiles and drops to her knees Jo grabs her hair pulls her head back and puts her crotch up to her face and says eat me bitch, Ann is only to happy to eat pussy, she starts by licking Jo's pussy through her panties her hands are running up and down Jo's legs then Ann pull's Jo's panties off her and puts then inside her own panties and dives right into Jo's pussy licking and nipping Jo's clit, I can tell Jo is loving this. Ann says to Jo lie down and I will make you cum, Jo don't need to be told that twice. Jo and Ann are on the ground in the 69 position eating the pussy off each other. I'm sitting there loving this the two of them are going at it like hungry dogs. each of them moaning and panting and then it happens they both cum. That's when I see Ann squirts all over Jo, Ann's cum is slowly running down Jo's chin neck and on her tits, ok I say I want in I grab Jo and lick the juices off her tits, Ann says get over here and fuck me I'm busy I say and Jo grabs me by the ear and says did I not read the note now do as your told, I'm about to go over to Ann when Jo says to Ann will I, Ann says fuck yes, Jo grabs the front of my shorts I look back to Jo and the bitch slaps me across the face and says now you will do as your told fucker. I got a shock but fuck was it a turn on. Ann puts me on the ground takes the leather shorts off me and sits down on my cock, she is ever so slowly bouncing up and down on my cock, as Jo walks over and kisses Ann then puts the ball Gag in her mouth and straps it onto her. Jo reaches down and takes Ann's tits out plays with them for a bit then says to Ann fuck him good and hard, Ann starts to really drive up and down on my cock. Fuck this is good I think then Jo standing behind Ann starts to flog Ann's Ass the only thing is the tails of the flogger is getting by balls every time Ann is pulling up my cock, I feel my balls are on fire then with out warning I cum inside Ann Fuck wave after wave of cum flood into her, Jo says to Ann make him drink his cum out of you Ann smiles as well as she could with a ball gag in her mouth, Ann quickly pulls my cock out of her pussy and moves up and drops her pussy over my mouth, I'm licking Ann's pussy when I feel Jo sucking the cum off my cock, then when Jo is finished she says to me go up and clean your self up and we will be in the bedroom when your ready.

( the bedroom will have to wait and I will get back to the story soon )