Written by Happy

6 Nov 2014

I got home after a day out on my bike. My wife and her friend where there having a drink and chatting away. I but the bike away got a drink of coke and said I was going for a shower. When I got back the two of them where in a great mood ( from the bottle of wine I guess ). my wife asked how was my ride and the two of them laughed. I said it was a good one. Then I got a can and said I would leave them to it and go in and look at some TV. I was flicking through the TV looking for something to watch.

In comes the wife and asks me to open a bottle as she could not get the cork out I opened the bottle for them and as she was about to head back out I kissed her and said enjoy, her friend in the kitchen asked where was her kiss I laughed and said maybe after she says I will hold you to that and laughs.

A short time after that the two of them come in and relax in the sitting room I was now chilled out and relaxed. My wife asked would fill up there glasses. I went and got the bottle and a can for my self topped them up and the wife says thanks and kisses me her friend holds out her glass I fill it up and she says thank you and kisses me too. My wife laughs and says I bet you liked that. I say to her who would not like that and laugh.

I put the bottle away and come in and sit down. The wife and her friend ask what's my plans for tomorrow I say I don't have any. The wife says good then bends over and kisses her friend and says your right who would not like that. I smile and before I know it the two of them are sitting there teasing each other and laughing. Her friend asks my wife would she mind if she kissed me again my wife said feel free. She stands up walks over sits down on my lap and kisses me again, I look over to my wife she is on the sofa with her hand up her skirt and her fingers teasing her pussy, Her friend smiles at me and says can I suck your cock, I say feel free, She went down on her knees opened my jeans took my cock out and had it in her mouth in a flash. My wife stands up and strips off walks over to me reaches out her hand and says lets take this to the bedroom her friend says good plan. She stands up and the two of them head to the bedroom. I was off the chair and after them in a flash.

As I walk into the bedroom my wife's friend was undressing and wow what a good body is all I can say. My wife is on the bed and says get over here and eat my pussy, I was only too willing her friend kneels down behind me and starts to undress me, I'm eating my wife's pussy she is moaning away her friend has me naked by now, she sits down on the edge of the bed I run my hand up her leg to her shaven pussy she opens her legs her pussy lips open my fingers slide inside her very easy as she is so wet. My wife says stop eating her and give her friend's pussy a go, I move over and gladly start to eat her pussy she lets out a soft moan as my tongue softly flicks off her clit, My wife says to her friend I told you he's good at eating pussy. Her friend says fuck you right.

My wife rolls over and starts to kiss her friend. Her friend is starting to buck she got her hands on the back of my head trying to control her self but with that she starts to buck wildly and then she cum's, Oh my god dose she come I can taste her juices as they flow into my mouth. my wife grabs my hair and pulls my head up and kisses me, then says to her friend god you taste good, her friend laughs and says she is looking forward to the next orgasm, My wife says yes but she is next, I gladly move over and start to lick and tease my wife's pussy, I get a slap on the arse and her friend says get up on your knees, I do as I'm told she lies down beside my wife gets her head in under me and takes my cock in her mouth and sucks the cock off of me. My wife is about to cum she is moaning like I never before then she lets go I can feel her cum in my mouth. Her friend has all my cock in her mouth giving me one of the best blowjobs I ever had I say to her I'm about to cum as I don't know if she wants me to cum in her mouth. She slaps my arse and sucks harder then ever I cant hold on any longer and I just cum in her mouth, my wife says to her friend share, her friend sucks every last drop out of me and goes up to my wife and the two of them kiss and as they do they pass my cum between them.

I'm lying on the bed spent the two of them get up and head to the kitchen to get a drink my wife askes do I want any thing back I say no your grand. then the two of them come back into the bedroom sit on the bed one each side of my naked body and ask would I like to watch them fuck each other I say yes please, my wife's friend gets up and heads off to get her strap on out of her bag, as she is putting it on I say to her im sure you don't carry that around with you my wife says you right we have been chatting about this for some time and as her friend says she wanted to fuck with us for a long time. My wife gets up on her knees and says to me don't worry about it just enjoy it, I ssay to right im going to enjoy it, with that my wife lets out a big gasp and her friend was inside her fucking her like a pro. the sight of this had me hard in no time, my wife is in heaven when she says to her friend to stop she had enough, her friend pulls out of her and asks me would I fuck her I was only to happy to fuck her she whipped off her strap on and got on top of me and fucked me till I came in her she took my cock out of her and sucked the cum off my cock, the three of us lay in the bed as happy as could be and we all fell asleep and in the morning my Wife and her friend got up and made breakfast for us all and over breakfast asked would I mind if we do this next weekend, I look at them and say why would I mind and she and her friend smile and say next week then.