Written by jckb

8 Mar 2012

I sat waiting in the car park. The voices coming from the radio seemed muffled, as if they were far off in the distance. I didn’t know where you lived so we had arranged to meet you here. You were late, every minute beyond 9am seemed like an hour. Finally a car pulled up along side me and you threw me a cheeky wink. I started the car and followed you to your place. I saw people going about their daily lives, oblivious to us and what we were about to do. Some were heading to work with expressionless faces. I was happy I took the day off to meet you.

We rounded the last bend and you pulled into your driveway. I parked alongside and we both walked towards the door. Your neighbour was putting her kids into the car and you gave a friendly hello. I wonder did she notice that you were dressed to the 9’s, with black boots and a fancy long jacket, make up and hair done too? Did she think that odd at 9.15am in the morning and you walking back into your house? Did she ever think that you’d drop to your knees, unbutton my jeans and start sucking my cock as soon as I closed the door behind me? I bet not as I heard her drive away! You didn’t have that look about you. Butter wouldn’t melt..

When you had me nice and hard, you took my cock in your hand and led me up stairs to the bedroom where you took off you jacket. You were naked except for the suspenders and boots. “On or off?” you enquired. “On please!” I replied. You climbed on the bed, remaining on all fours and turned to me and gestured that you wanted something a bit more. I removed the rest of my clothes and walked towards you. I slid my cock up and down the lips of your pussy, teasing you every time I got near to entering. When I did, I did it slowly and you loved it.

This was the 1st time we had a bed to ourselves. Our previous meets had been in cars. Now we could really let go. We began slowly and soon our pace increased. The bed began to creak with every trust. The head board banging off the wall, the groans seemed to coincide with the clank. I couldn’t keep it in any longer. I needed to release and when I did, oh my god, had it been worth the wait! You turned to me, face flushed, and said you wanted more of that. I happily obliged over the next two hours and when it came time to leave, I hoped in the shower to freshen up. I heard the door opening and you walked in. You pulled aside the shower curtain and said “you never kept your promise!”. Water running down my face, and with a confused look I asked “what was that?”. You opened the shower curtain open even more and once again took my cock in your mouth. Aaaaaah…I knew what it was. You wanted me to cum on your face. It had always been a fantasy of your and I told you we would do it. Already drained, my body somehow managed to produce enough cum to splatter your face. You smiled and asked me was I done with the shower? “Yes” and you proceeded to get in and cleanse your body of the horniness that had just taken place.

That’s how we left it. I cant wait to meet you again..