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A few drinks

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Published 12 years ago
Sitting in the taxi she smiled inwardly, she knew his only a few drinks suggestion would turn out to be much more, she knew him too well.. Opening the door and smiling at her he took her arm and pulled her inside..' well, well long time no see' he laughed, pushing her against the door, he kissed her long and deep, sucking on her bottom lip, knowing how much that turned her on running his tongue along her neck she felt his hand slide up the inside of her thigh, stopping at the top of her leg he began to tease the skin with his fingers. 'Where is my drink ?' she whispered in his ear.. Laughing he led her into the sitting room, sitting down on the sofa she waited as he went off to fetch the wine, he handed her a glass then sat down and they chatted for a while , catching up on each others news.... Leaning towards her , he took her glass and placed it on the table, then taking her face in his hands he ran his lips slowly over hers, probing her mouth open with his tongue running it along her teeth.. Pushing her back down into the sofa, he began to slowly open the buttons on her dress, she wanted him so so badly but his foreplay had always been part of their attraction, so she lay back closed her eyes and give herself over to the pleasure of his hands. When her dress was open to her waist, he massaged her breasts with his hands, running them around her back, he released the clasp on her bra, exposing her hard nipples, he took one in his mouth and the other between his fingers. Kneading and sucking , he heard her moans of pleasure, he watched her facial expressions, saw them contort with pleasure, ' I want to fuck you hard, get up on your knees and turn around' he commanded.. Pulling her dress down over her ass, she groaned as his mouth encased her pussy, he licked and sucked , tasting her juices, running his tongue from her ass up to her clit, 'feel your pussy hun, how wet it is' .she heard him whisper, pulling her back towards his body, she felt his hard throbbing cock against her ass...... She could feel his heat, sensed he was about to fuck his cock up inside her, dropping her back she lifted her ass and gasped as his cock rammed into her dripping pussy, he drove into her, slamming her into the sofa, his hands gripping her waist pulling her backwards to meet his thrusts, she could feel his body shudder against hers, ' take your cock out and cum over my ass! she roared, she moaned and came as his hot , sticky cum showered her skin... to be continued..

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