Written by admin

26 Jul 2010

Coming home from Dublin late one weekend not so long ago, we where just in the mood and we couldn't find a place to stop, I could feel my cock push against my jeans as Sibh slipped her middles finger into her laciest underwear and gently rubbed her clit. Trying to drive and ignore her moans. Its dark in the very early hours of the morning no one else on the road, I feel her right hand come across my cock, she begins to undo my zip slowly, I try to concentrate on the road but Sibh was loving it, distracting me. Sibh has my cock out its fully erect her hand wrapped around it in a tight grip, she leans over and uses her tongue and teases the shaft, she licks the knob slowly enjoying the fact she is teasing me, I cant take any more I grab her hair a force her down on my rock hard cock she moans in delight and moves her lips up and down my cock taking in as much cock as she can, I move my left had around her body and then down into her underwear I feel her wet pussy I vigorously rub her clit as I do she get moves faster, I lock for somewhere to pull in, I find a small farmers lane and pull in, with out a word said I strip Sibh of her cloths she troughs herself into the back seat I follow quickly, I grab her from behind and push my cock into her wet pussy her head drops in pleasure her moans become louder as they do I become harder making her scream out in as she climaxes over and over, I feel her pussy constrict every time, she screams harder and a comply with her order. I pull her hair back she screams `FUCK ME HARDER' I am pushed to my limit but I obey and she cums and cums her legs began to shake. I feel it deep in my cock, this feeling I know all to well that unmistakeable feeling of pure pleasure, Sibh feels this and begs me to pull out and cum in her mouth, I pump harder and harder until in so close it hurts I pull out and in the blink of an eye Sibh turn and rams the rock hard cock in her mouth and I came, holding the back of her I cum with a huge load it fills her mouth, I pull her head away and cum drips from her mouth and my cock, it's a euphoric feel after such passion, we clean up with smiles on our faces put our cloths back on and move to the front of the car and pull out to find a car behind us, we don't know how long they where there or did we care, back onto the road we made it home and had sex again, we vowed to do it again soon maybe with some ones to join in.