Written by needstoplease

4 Jan 2013

This is a story of an unusual encounter for me. Apart from meeting singles here and through other sites, I have never had the good fortune to have 3somes from nights out or sponaneous sex with strangers. Might have something to do with the fact my girlfriend hates the idea of swinging and can't stand the thought of it.

With that in mind my story is of an incident that happened about a year ago in febuary.

I was sitting in my girlfriends house the week of my birthday. Her family usually have some cake and presents for me in their house in Donneycarney. On this day the girlfriend led me into the sitting room and noticed her mother starring at me with a look I usually get from my girlfriend after a few glasses of wine. She was wearing nothing flattering only a baggy top and leggings. Nothing overly sexy so I decided to enjoy the attention. As I opened my presents her mother handed me two. Knowing one is usually a gag present I opened them with caution only to find one was a shower/aftershave set and the other a twin pack of speedo's. She giggled as she got up from the chair, and to brush off the confused looks from me and the girlfriend said "no gag presents this year hun, I just thought you liked to swim.

I never swam a day in my life.

As she was in the kitchen, the rest of the family (her grandad and sister) were chatting away so I decided to head in and pour myself a cup of tea. AsI walked into the kitchen I noticed Sam was wearing a pair of heels, black stockings and a black dress. This caught my attention and I followed the lenght of those shapely legs, from the heel right up to the ass I badly wanted to squeeze. Struggling to grab a tin from the top of the fridge she turned around to see me stare as I poured my tea and smiled.

"Could you help me" she asked as she stepped aside. I walked over and as I reached for the biscuit tin, felt her arms wrap around my chest. "You were starring" she said with a giggle. "You starred first" I said as I brought the tin down to chest hight. Without thinking I said "this is a really childish converstaion". With that she lowered her hand down to a cock still mulling over the thought of her legs. "Your still thinking of me aren't you". I nodded as she undid my zip, removing a cock that was longing to break free."What about zoe" I gasped. I imediatly thought of the rest of the family who use the kitchen alot. Sam just smiled and stroking my shaft whispered "I want to know what my daughter feels, think you might be willing to show me?". The mother turned me around and raising her skirt above her waist looked at me with approval and pulled me close. Placing my pulsing cock between her legs, she guided my cock towards her moist, swollen pussy lips.

Wrapping one leg around my waist, I raised the other as I slid inside her. She groaned and kissed me as she wrapped her arms around my neck and leaned in close forcing herself onto the lenght of my shaft. It was such a turn on to fuck my girlfriends mother. I could feel myself hardening. Swelling. Placing her against the counter I thrusted hard and fast unable to stop."Have you ever creampied my daughter" she said between gasping breaths. I nodded. She kissed me as her moans grew louder. With a kiss I felt my cock pulsing hot cum, filling my girlfriends mother. I smiled as she helped herself onto the counter before heading into the nearby bathroom.

On the way into town a sense of guilt of what had happened filled my head. I finally broke entering the phoenix park, and spilled my guts to her about what had happened. She didn't look angry but slightly confused as she took my hand and lead me into a small fenced off patch of bushes. She lay on the ground and undid her throuser. Pulling them to her knees she told me to tell her everthing again. I started to tell the story but was interrupted. "I want you inside me as you tell it she said" Going between her legs I slid inside her and fucked her slow and deep as I struggled to tell the story again. She arched herself onto my shaft, grabbing my hips and forced me deeper. She had her eyes closed as I spoke. As I got to the end of my story she opened her eyes and asked me if I had cum inside her mom. I said yes. "Did you play safe?" she asked very seriously. No I said. "Your mum wanted to feel it". With that she closed her eyes and said "fuck me till you cum". With her legs around my shoulders I fucked her hard and fast. I shuddered as I filled her pussy with hot cum. Zowe opened her eyes and with a smile said "were you thinking of my mam?. "Both of you" I said as I pulled out of her. "I want you to tell me if you ever fuck a girl again she said as we tidied ourselves up and she lead me through the pheonix park. It was a turn on walking through the zoo knowing she was filled with cum.

You can bet I tell her everything... And love the sex that follows

We quickly