Written by thewup

7 Dec 2010

My new fuck buddy can't visit today so she asked me to help myself.

I'm so horny this last two weeks waiting'¦.. Holding out'¦. Holding onto the thoughts of our first meeting.

So many words spoken between us discussing, deliberating, echoing the same thoughts and feeling

of sex'¦ the sex'¦. her sex'¦ my sex.

Tight and full in so many different ways'¦ my mind is dancing, my imagination is running wild with excitement.

My body warm with glowing energy, my hands are hot with want and desire to touch her all over.

My eyes scanning every text and phone call for a sign she might be near.

I'm wondering if she dreaming the same dreams'¦. Filthy day dreams of steamy riding'¦ fucking'¦. Sucking '¦.. biting '¦'¦'¦. Licking'¦.

Two weeks is a long time not to have an orgasm, I know she has played with the joy of a handful of wet wet pussy.

So lucky is she, to be able to slip her fingers in'¦.. Rubbing incessantly'¦.. relentlessly

Now she has asked me to do it'¦.. To masturbate.

I'm so full, my balls so tight, I must let go, but cant yet. But soon.

In a few moments.

I will watch her favourite piece of porn she sent me'¦'¦'¦'¦.mmmmmmmmmmm yes

So so fuckin horny'¦'¦'¦'¦ she is a good good durty girl'¦.. she knows what I like now and I know what she wants'¦'¦ a meeting of minds'¦.. fuckin each other from a distance.

This wont take long'¦. Full ready to blast and exploded '¦'¦.

Oohhhhhhhhhhhh wwwooowwww

Hand strokes deep smooth long'¦'¦ ready now ohhh ohhhh ohhh

Pumping '¦.. ohhh fuck it fffffuucccckkkkk it ooooohhhhhh mmmmm

1st splash '¦'¦'¦'¦'¦ mmmmmmmm OOOOOOOOOHHHH


3RD WWWWWOOOOWWWW so much energy

mmmmm hot and sweaty now.... what a release'¦.. but still need her body beside'¦.

Waiting '¦'¦'¦'¦..