Written by racliff

13 Nov 2012

Few weeks ago my friends and I went on a trip in Galway and we went to the club Saturday night. We were drinking, dancing and having a freaking blast! It was about one in the morning on the dance floor I was pretty d***k but could still hold my own when a really cute blonde girl came up behind me and starting grinding my ass. At this point I started thinking of my fantasies of fucking a tall blonde girl. I ordered her a drink and we talked for about another hour (his name was Dawn) until the place was closing. My friends and I were leaving and said goodbye to them (Going to taxi) when Dawn found me again when I was leaving and said "Where you goin? This party cant end yet!", nervously I said "What did you have in mind?". I laughed and kept walking to my cab and she followed me, I laughed and asked her if she wanted to go back to my place to keep drinking which she promptly agreed too of course, lol. One thing led to another of course at this point I didnt want to stop. I pulled my big black cock out and let her sucking and she kept telling me that she have never seen a black cock before!!". I picked her up and went to my room and and began to fuck really slow and hard. I have never felt anything like this in my life, it was amazing. Shortly after she felt me getting bigger again and she was worried that i would cum inside her. I said, breathing heavily "I want to cum inside you coz your pussy feels so good I wanna cum inside you". She was really nervous and said "ok..." I released inside her a gushes of cum. After two weeks she texted me on facebook telling that she is pregnant and explaining me that she was trying for few years to have a baby with her husband. I just reply her three words “black seeds work” Hope the husband will not mind to have a black baby…