2 Aug 2017

This happened a few years ago, 4 years ago actually.

I was coming back from a business trip from Spain, i was away for almost 1 month. My husband was waiting for me like crazy.

In the last few months we talked about swing and having sex with other people, but we did it just once and wasn't so great. But now he told me he spoked with a man online and maybe after I come back home we can have a chat. I said ok no problem.

Arrived the day I was coming back home. He waited for me at airport and when i saw him he said he has a big surprise for me. We went in the parking and surprise ....a tall guy was in the car smilling at me .....i was like i lost my voice, I said hello and we left, all three...where? I didn't know exactly. The guy driving and me and my husband on the back seats. So after a while my husband start to touch me and kiss me and I end up doing a blowjob, a deep one. Was exciting, very exciting with the other guy watching us in the mirror. Suddenly the car stopped in front of a motel and they went to rent a room. I took something from my bag to refresh myself and in 5 min we all was in a big room with a huge bed. I did my shower and I went in bed waiting for them to have a shower. [Removed] I was a little bit nervous but very excited. My husband start to kiss me and the guy just went directly to my pussy licking and kissing, OMG i was in heaven. Then i remember my husband asked me by who i want to be fucked first, and I choose the other guy. He had a big long hard dick and he struggled to put it inside of me. Ohhh, what a great feeling. Being fucked by one and sucking another hard dick. We swaped now my husband was fucking me and I was with the other guy dick in my mouth. I was in top of the other guy when my husband tried a double penetration. Ohhhh, ohhh my that was FANTASTIC. I felt like I was in the Heaven of sex. I finished many many times. And of course they finished three times each. On the end I realised that i had sex continuously for 3 hours with 2 men. Holly shit. I didnt know I'm able to.

I loved my surprise.....????