Written by CumKitten

18 Mar 2010

Violet pulled him roughly into the room behind her and closed the door, sealing them in darkness broken only by light filtering in through the window over the bed. After an initial, sloppy and poorly aimed kiss, she found herself subconsciously dropping to her knees, tugging awkwardly to free the clasp of his jeans and ease them over his thighs as she forced him against the wall. She bit her lip as the swollen bulge of his erection was revealed underneath, pressing against his underwear. She paused briefly before yanking down his underwear mid thigh in one swift motion, freeing his rapidly stiffening cock. It stood out at her in a perfect, straight line, a short but impressively thick, veined shaft ending in a pink bulbous head, rising from a tuft of pubic hair. She felt an immediate wetness spread between her legs like a hot flush as she enveloped the fat head in her mouth, forming a seal around its swollen flared edge with her lips, pausing momentarily to weave her tongue around the retracted foreskin pressed against it before slowly letting its entire length slip into her mouth. It was not the biggest cock she'd ever seen; rather, within seconds she found her nose brushing off his trembling stomach, and her lips meeting the soft skin of his balls; but it was incredibly thick, and the sense of complete stretched fullness as she took the entire short thick shaft in her mouth sent shuddering ripples throughout her crotch. She began to suck hard and fast, occasionally slowing down to slide the entire way to the base where she would pause for a moment, feeling the throbbing head tease her throat, before slowly retracing back to the flared ridge of the head distinctively defined against her lips. She withdrew, gasping with arousal, the dim light of the room reflecting in the glistening pre-cum leaking from the head. She pushed him towards the bed and peeled off her top and bra in one quick moment, pinching her nipple. She sat on the edge of the bed, her knees aching from the rough ground, and, after allowing him to fondle her breasts for a moment, placed a hand on his buttock, pulling him close, once more taking his throbbing, thick length into her mouth. It seemed to throb harder than ever as she worked her way up and down the shaft to the base, her nose tickling from brushing against his stomach, his soft balls brushing her chin, and she could feel the distinctive shape of the pulsating veins running along the shaft as she flicked her tongue around it as she sucked. After several moments, sucking and simultaneously milking the short, fat shaft with her hand, a sudden tightening of the shaft signaled his inevitable climax. She recoiled as she felt a thick dribble leaking onto her tongue, swallowing reflexively, and he groaned as several streams of thick, white cum rapidly squirted from the swollen head of his stiff, twitching cock onto her chest. For a split second, neither of them seemed in control, but as the cum from the initial considerable load began to run down her tits and envelope her nipples, dripping onto the floor, he grasped his swollen, fat shaft and began to milk it, directing the final few weak spurts deliberately onto her chest. He groaned as several more spurts shot out, streaking across her tits and nipples, before the load slowed, dwindling to mere drops that slowly dripped onto her already covered breasts as he slowly massaged the shaft and squeezed the head for every drop. She ran a finger along her chest before instinctively placing it into her mouth, eager to taste the thick saltiness. She leant forward and slowly lapped the head with her tongue before taking the shaft shallowly into her mouth one last time, feeling it beginning to loose its thick stiffness and wilt in her mouth. She slowly ran her mouth back along the shaft, over the head, licking her lips as she drew back and admired the head glistening with a mixture of his come and her saliva. "You can go now," she said haughtily, glowing with a trembling sense of power. He wordlessly pulled up his pants, the short, flaccid, fat cock disappearing inside his underwear, and left. She stood there for a second, breathless, still able to taste his cum in her mouth, desperately longing to molest herself...