5 Mar 2018

I am working Part-Time in a Bar in Dublin and got on well with most of the customers and have many ladies giving me their numbers when their boyfriends are not looking.

This couple came in, he’s a bit of an idiot and she is hot and very sexy the way she looks at you and flirt’s with her eyes and smile. He is Danny and she is Monika and she is 34yo and long legs and looks stunning. She was making eyes at me as I worked and we flirted a lot and Danny her boyfriend was not too impressed with her and you could see he was seething. She was wearing a big warm jacket and you couldn’t see what was inside the jacket but I knew she had good boobs as I had seen her in a tight top before and admired her boobs many times.

As I was closing the bar they had a row and he stormed off leaving her alone and so I went over to chat to her and asked her how was she getting home. She said “A Taxi I suppose” so I suggested she wait for me and I would drop her home and she smiled and she said “yes, I would like that” with a huge sexy smile.

I cleaned up very quickly while she had a shot and then we headed to my car and I was a gentleman and opened her door for her so I could admire her legs.

We drove through the Phoenix Park as she lives in North Dublin and I suggested we pull in somewhere quite and chat and she agreed. I opened the windows and we had a cigarette each and she let her seat back to relax and I admired her lovely legs as I faced her. So I asked her what happened in the bar with Danny and she said he didn’t like the way she dressed and I could see nothing wrong. I said she looked great and what his problem. She asked me did I want to see what bugged Danny. I said yes and she opened her jacket and she was wearing a nice tight white t-shirt and no bra and her nipples were sticking up and erect.

She left it open and asked my opinion and I told her she was one beautiful woman and very sexy. She asked me “Did I like” and I said “yes, very much so” and admired her nipples and boobs. She came to my mouth and we kissed and she made the first move so I took her into my strong arms and kissed her with passion and then her neck and back to her mouth, my tongue doing wonders inside her mouth. I then put my hand on her boob and she liked it and went own and kissed her nipple which was very hard and erect. She moaned as I bit and sucked it and then slipped my hand under her top and felt her bare boob and it was amazing, so natural and big.

We kissed and I groped for ages and my 8” cock was getting very erect and I guided her hand to it and she stroked my cock as I kissed her neck and mouth and then to her nipples which were bare now at this stage. I lay back and she opened my trousers and let out my cock, which was fully erect. She stroked it for ages and then I guided her mouth to it and licked the head of my cock and then took it in her mouth and started to suck me and was great at it. I let her do this for ages as I stroked her back and ass. I told her to stop before I cum in her mouth and so she did and we kissed again and she still stroked my cock. I lay her on her back as we kissed and ran my hand over her long thighs and they were thin and so sexy. I rest my hand on her panties and found her clit and just stroked it softly and she moaned in my ear. Her hand was still on my cock and wanking it. I slipped my hand inside her panties and she had a lovely trimmed pussy and opened her lips and she was soaking. I rubbed my middle finger up and down her wet pussy and then slipped in my finger inside her and finger fucked her for a minute or so. Then I slipped in another finger and shagged her until I felt her moans even louder and louder.

Then I pulled down her panties and pushed her up on the seat and climbed over to her, and spread her legs and then rubbed my throbbing cock up and down her pussy and in a little of her pussy hole and took it out again and did this for a few seconds until she moaned. Then I asked her did she want it inside her and she said “Oh, yes please” and so I pushed the head of my cock into her tight pussy and she was tight. I pushed it in more and she grabbed my ass and pull me in deeper and then I started to fuck her as I sucked her nipple and she wrapped her legs around my hips and her pussy met my thrusts and I fucked her hard for ages.

She then told me she was cumming and I told her cum and I would as well. She then came and came and stuck her nails in my back and ass and I wanted to cum so I took out my cock, pulled her mouth to my cock and she took my load and sucked me till I exploded in her mouth and she swallowed it and licked me dry.

Then I took her back to my place and made her a drink and we chatted and then I told her she was one sexy woman and she smiled.

I stood her up and kissed her, remember she is still wearing her mini skirt and we kissed and groped again and I grabbed her ass, she wrapped her legs around my waist and I carried her to my bedroom as we kissed passionately.

I threw her on the bed, pulled off her high heel shoes, then she took off her top and then I pulled off her panties and left on her mini skirt and look at her lovely trimmed pussy and went down on her and she moaned again as I ate her pussy.

Then I flipped her over and went down on her lovely small ass and rimmed her anus and pussy and she was on fire and as I ate her pussy I used her juices to wet her anus with my tongue and finger.

I loved her ass, it was so small and sexy and I was going to fuck it. I fingered her gently as I went up her body, kissed her neck and she liked my finger inside her ass as she moaned. Then I kissed down her back again and raised her ass and slipped my cock into her pussy from behind and she loved it and then fingered her ass while my cock was inside her.

Then I got some KY Jell and smeared it on my cock and her anus and said to her can I fuck your ass? And she said yes, but gently please and I smeared the KY over her anus and inside it and then slowly slipped my cock into her ass gently and felt her pop. Then I grabbed her boobs and thrust into her ass slowly and picked up my pace and she loved it and kept say “yes babe, oh Yes” and this spurned me on to fuck her harder and harder. Then her phone rang and she answered it and had a conversation with her Boyfriend Danny and told him she got a taxi home and she was panting as she had her diildo inside her and was masturbating and he got all hot and bothered. She told him he missed out on getting laid tonight and then hung up on him.

Then I told her I wanted to cum and she said “cum in my ass” and I duly obliged her as I spurt inside her.

I then flipped her over and went down on her pussy and ate her till she exploded in my face and she hugged me and kissed me lovingly

She told me she fancied me for months and always made Danny bring her to my bar so she could flirt with me and she said she gave me her number months ago but I didn’t remember it and never called her..

We had a shower together and went to bed and she slept in my arms and I slept like a baby.

In the morning she made us coffee and toast and we made love and she let me cum inside her pussy and we showered again together and she went to work and we are seeing eachother a lot.

She is one kinky lady and loves anal sex and loves to suck me off. I do enjoy fucking her pussy as well.

Hope Danny doesn’t read this lol.