3 Aug 2016

I had always been frustrated at how things ended between me and my ex. There was just a stupid fight over nothing, no goodbye fuck, no growing apart just two people to stubborn and hothead to try again. That's the way we were though. We fucked all the time. We would nip home from work to fuck, fuck at work , on way to town, nights out whenever we had a bit of free time. Several years later we got in contact again I was recently single, she was still dating. We reminised but it seemed lick nothing would come from it. Then one night out of the blue she messaged me. She told me the story of her breakup and said she planned on getting wild in the next few months.

The sex talk and the swapping of pictures started almost immediately and after a week she decided that she would drive up to meet me. We agreed on a quite pub close to a beach. I arrived first and she came shortly after. She went in for the kiss straight away and then sat down beside me. She told me she didn't expect to feel this way when she saw me and that she now was very wet. She placed my hand on the inside of her legs and she reached in and grabbed my cock.

We decided to finish our drinks quickly and went out to our cars. I guided her to a secluded beach. We immediately started kissing. I slipped my hand inside her jeans and undone her buttons. They fell to the floor. I quickly undid her bra and pulled off her top leaving her standing in only her thong in front of me. I pushed her back onto my car and put my hand inside her thong. Her pussy was dripping wet and felt as tight as I remembered. I ripped off her thong and turned her around and kissed the back of her neck as I undone my pants. I slapped her as and told her to bend over. She obliged her 2 hands braced against the car. I slide my cock inside her, he pussy hadn't changed from my memories, and began to thrust deep inside her. She moaned and told me my cock felt bigger than she remembered. I starting going harder and pulled her head back by her hair. Suddenly a light appeared from an approaching car. She panicked and asked me to continue in the car. She jumped into the car and left her clothes where they lay outside. She knelt on the car with her ass out behind waiting for penetration. I hurriedly took off the rest of my clothes and got behind her. My adrenaline was pumping from nearly being seen. I began to fuck her hard and fast. I gripped her hair tightly and yanked back her head. She moaned and moaned. I could feel myself on the verge. My cock throbbed and I shot my load deep inside her wet pussy. She turned and smiled at me.

The initial hornyness over she went outside naked to pick up her clothes. She came back into car and rested her head on my chest. I could see her nipples were rock hard. I began to get excited. She seen it too and asked what I wanted. I told her to suck my cock while her pussy juice was still nice and fresh on it. She looked at me, smiled and said " You always did turn me into your own private whore". She began to suck away eagerly. Pushing it as far as she could down her throat. I held her head down on it waiting to see would she gag. She squirmed a little but then settle and took it right back her throat. I could feel my cock growing inside her mouth and my balls began to tingle. I lifted her head up and told her to lick my balls. She began gently flicking them with her tongue. Looked up and me and said " I've never done this with anyone since you and I never will again". I was overcome with hornyness. I lifted her up and began to fuck her from behind. This time grabbing her tips as I pounded away at her pussy. She begged me to be rougher and fuck harder. I wrapped my hands around he neck and began to squeeze. I could she he getting more excited, her moans got louder. I pulled her harder and harder onto you cock. I asked her where she would like my cum now. "On my face " she moaned. I was at the edge and quickly pulled out and lay her down across the 2 seats and I wanked. She rubbed my balls and I shoot my big white creamy load all over her face. She smiled at me and placed my cock in her mouth to remove the last bit of cum. I jumped with the tingles in my cock. She looked so hot with my cum on her face and my cock in her mouth. I reminded her of something we had discussed before. How were we going to clean her up. She knew what I meant as we had done it while together. She got out of the car and kneeled down with her mouth open. I stood away from her until the cold hit my cock and then I aimed my cock at her face. A warm stream landed on her face. She left her mouth open as it washed over her face and body. As the stream lessened I moved closers this my cock was left on her lips and my last drop was out. She smiled at me again. That smile a girl does when she knows she been bad. I grabbed a towel from car for her and we decided to get a room so the fun could continue. ?