Written by Hornyashell

17 Jan 2018

A few days after the Saturday night marathon sex session I receive a call from married lady asking to meet for a coffee.

I turn up and she tells me she had a long and hard think about the other night and isn't happy at all.Asked me who performed best(I told her she did of course) but generally she was annoyed with herself for going through with it,wasn't up for sharing,felt I devoted too much time to wife and wouldn't do it again.I said ok let's leave it at that,no harm done,nobody got hurt and we'd all try and act as if nothing happened the next time we were in company.We left the lobby of the hotel and walked back to our respective cars.I'm about to jump in to mine and head off when she asks me to sit in to hers for a minute.I sit in and she immediately grabs me by the balls,gives me a long lingering kiss and tells me she doesn't like sharing,it's not for her.Its broad daylight and we are parked at the back of the hotel.

She climbs over on top of me,lifts her dress and starts grinding hard on to my cock which is now very erect and shoves her tits in to my face hard.i release her tits from her bra and start sucking hard on her nipples.She's grinding hard on my concealed cock and I can feel her pussy through her nickers but can't get my hand down there.She's sucking my ear lobes,whispering "who is the better fuck now boy",I say "you of course" biting hard on her nipples and squeezing her arse through her dress.She drops her hand on to my cock and strokes like mad,unzips trousers,slides knickers across and places it straight in to her pussy which was on fire."Fuck me hard " she screams as she grinds and wriggles over my throbbing cock.

I pull her arse in tighter and can feel her wet pussy lips slide over my cock.Her tits are bouncing in my face,I'm holding her solid arse so tight and she is fucking me hard.The car is bouncing but at this stage nobody cares.

I'm doing my best to hold on but her moans are getting louder,she's grinding her hips and pushing her pussy so hard on to my cock it's incredible.I tell her I'm cumming,she screams "I fucking know,give it to me" and I shoot a hot load in to her that seems to last forever.She drops her head on my shoulder,exhausted and rests for a minute.This was some fuck.

After a while she manoeuvred herself back to the drivers seat,removed her nickers to dry off and offered me some tissues to clean myself up.

"No more 3somes you prick" she tells me as I exit the car.

I looked around the car park and hoped nobody had seen anything as I drove out.

As I passed her car she gave me a wave and a smile.

I had a smile on my face all day after that.