Written by hornyashell

30 Nov 2017

Few years back wife with a few drinks on board started discussing the possibility of a 3some with another female.I ran with the idea and the deal was that she would choose the lady.Next day to my surprise the subject was brought up again and she named the individual that she had in mind.This lady was married and I had already fucked her several months previously unknown to wife on a drunken night out.I knew this lady would be well up for it but had to play it down so as not to arouse any suspicion.Wife suggested that the three of us would meet up for a few jars and she would broach the subject.It was all set for the following Saturday night - the other lady's husband never went out on a Saturday night so the invite was issued.Other lady phoned me privately and I assured her that there was nothing suspicious afoot and it was just a social drink.

Met in pub at around 9.00pm and both ladies were looking stunning.Wife wearing low cut blouse showing plenty of cleavage,nice tight short skirt and black knickers.Other lady dressed in nice flowery dress,not showing much cleavage but figure hugging and shapely.Both ladies have lovely round tits and nice butts.

Drinks flow,plenty of laughing and joking and wife slips in would she fancy back to ours for a 3some.I'm doing my best not to look over excited,other lady says why not and we ordered a taxi.

In back of taxi I feel hand on my cock which is throbbing and put my arm around both ladies and under their tits.This feels like heaven.

Once inside the front door the real action starts.Wife kisses other lady who has my cock in her hand,I reach for wife's pussy which is soaking wet.She has her fingers in other pussy and is buried in it while moaning and writhing as I finger her hard.She comes quickly,other lady is jerking my cock hard and I'm struggling to hold on.Wife drops to her knees,takes my cock in her mouth while still fingering our guest.I end up playing with both sets of tits which is some fun,I have never seen nipples stand out like it before.Clothes are rapidly discarded and I let go of load in to wife's mouth,couldn't hold on.Other lady starts fingering my butt and before long I'm erect again.We move to bedroom at this stage and wife bury's her head in other lady's pussy who is lying on her back on the bed moaning and beckoning me to put my cock in her mouth which I duly did.I pull out and take a breather and on my return both women are fingering each other's pussy hard.The moans were unreal as was the excitement.I leave them at it,both come.Wife turns her new found playmate on to her stomach and beckons me to fuck her pal from behind.I happily oblige and wife starts playing with my balls telling me to go harder which I do.Her mate is really enjoying this and pretending its the first time we've done this.Wife insists I pull out before I come.

I pulled out just in time and released load on to playmate's back.I lie on bed exhausted but these women are not finished.They then take turns licking each other out and stroking nipples and butts.I never saw anything as erotic.

We take a breather for a while and sup a few glasses of vino.

Before long playtime starts again.This time guest decides that she wants to observe only and watch me fuck wife while she encourages from the sidelines.I fuck wife cowgirl whilst sucking her tits and when I come up for air playmate is fingering herself on the other chair.I shoot load at the sight of this.What a night.

I retired shattered shortly after and left the 2 ladies on their own.

There is a follow up which I will describe at a later date.