2 Oct 2017

So K and myself J have been discussing having another man join us. In reality it was my idea and I had introduced the idea. So we discussed for several months and we would role play and talk about another man in the room with us and it always made me so horny.

The time came and we discussed the going to a club and see what happens. We thought this would be the best place to go and be no pressure.

So the day came and we were both very nervous. She looked amazing in a black lacy dress. Long stilettos and underneath she had on a red and black corset and high black stockings she looked so HOT. I was very horny knowing what may happen.

We got in our taxi and we went to the club. We were both very nervous but herself was great at breaking the ice it's like she was there before and it was all at ease albeit I knew she was still nervous underneath. We got a few drinks and mingled with a few people. The club was quite. I suppose we were hoping for more people our age. There was a guy there and I could see him eyeing up my wife. Like most of the males in the club the wife looked hot and were checking her out.

Herself and myself went for a walk and we got talking and asked her did she like the guy she told me yeah he looks okay. I said would you ? to that she said yeah. I said cool I'll drop a hint to him.

So she went to the toilet and he was already gone so I said soon as you see him drop a hint place your hand on his leg or something.

He came back to the table were we all talking. I asked him did you see my wife on your travels. He said he didn't. So I said my wife is interested would you like to fuck her with me. He said yeah big time I'd like that.

The wife cam back a few mins later. I said to the wife I spoke with the guy he could hear this and she was like okay let's go.

So I said okay let's go I'll lead the way. We took the room with a big bed and we could close the curtain behind us.

This is when my wife took over she was amazing and it's like she knew exactly what to do and make me horny. I started to kiss her and I dropped my hand beneath her dress and immediately began to rub her clit she was dripping wet.

She stopped kissing me and turned to him and began kissing him it was so hot to see this for the first time. I was instantly hard as rock. I began to strip off and was standing naked already holding my cock and wanking. She turned her back to the stranger to get him to unzip her dress and he took off her dress bending over slowly and revealing only her corset garter and stockings. She had a twinkle in her eye and she knew I was so hard standing there with my cock in my hand. His hands was all over her. She began to take control of her. He was obviously more nervous than us. The wife pushed him to the bed and began sucking his cock . I immediately began to slide my cock in her wet cunt. As he was naked on the bed sucking his cock and I was fucking her from behind it was everything I asked for. I was so so so horny I blew my load and exploded in her early after about only 5mins if thrusting. She got up and cleaned and got back to the guy she got on top of him and he started to fuck her I could see his cock slide into my wife and his balls hit if her. But he could not keep it hard maybe a few drinks too many I was getting hard again. He wanted to lick my wife's hot and dripping pussy so she obliged. I placed my cock in my wife's mouth as he was licking her pussy she was groaning and always likes foreplay wow I thought.

I stopped and let him try fuck her some more he did for a while but couldn't go.

He was very apologetic and said sorry this was not his Normal self. So for our first time it wasn't the worst. It was more like lesson learned.

I already have a guy Lined up that will fuck her good ? I think the wife enjoyed it.

It was the little things that tuned me on so much with the wife looking at me and turning around for him to undress her and the way she sat on the bed to suck his cock she knew so well she was teasing me. My wife was amazing xx