24 May 2020

Well, after we agree to meet out for a few drinks and we end up back at yours; to cut a long story short we'd get to the fun time fairly soon.

Possibly in your bedroom - maybe even just on the stairs on the way.

We'd start slow - a lot of petting etc. Then we'd get a bit more rough, I'd slap her boobs and gently bite her nips - she'd feel the excitement rising. She'd be waiting to get it in the bottom as this was the one thing her and I talked about she wanted to try but was most fearful of), but instead I'd stand up, throw her on the floor and tell her to kneel, put her hands behind her back. Then I'd grab her hair and pull her head back - telling her to open her mouth wide and thrust myself into her mouth.

Almost gagging, I'd keep pushing harder and harder; she feels like she can hardly breath and then I'd pull back she'd lick the end of my cock until I start to jerk and push into her again. Eventually I'd let her swallow all my cum with my fingers hard up against her gspot - she'd squirt at the same time.

We sit and relax and gently fondly but she's still horny... She grabs me, massaging my cock slowly as it starts to thicken and harden again. Then she kneels on the floor and presents her arse and asks me to get inside her. I push hard and she clamps hard, - she can feel me getting harder, throbbing as she starts to cum again throwing me into a pulsating throbbing orgasm, squirting the last of my cum inside her as she drives her fingers up into her pussy and squirts all over by balls!